Sony Applies Spin To August NPD Sales

With the Wii, Nintendo DS and Xbox 360 sitting pretty atop the NPD hardware sales charts and Madden NFL 08 taking the numero uno spot in the software sales charts, you'd think that Sony would have nothing to sing about. Guess again. Sony's official statement on the subject called August 2007 "a strong month for the PlayStation brand" citing $340 million in sales.

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Robeezy3629d ago

well if that is "strong" then they better hope they don't have weak month in comparison. At least they are looking at the glass half full.

d3l33t3629d ago

xmas is coming, the market will show better gaming trends when people fork out savings

RadientFlux3629d ago

of course both Microsoft and Nintendo would do the same thing if the role was reversed... all 3 companies have PR people for a reason

Bnet3433629d ago

Now here's Sony thinking they are a big shot, and the PR works because you get the fanboys riled up because of supposed money that was made which the fanboys can't have. So, in the end, Sony comes out looking like a genius.

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The story is too old to be commented.