Microsoft Comments on August NPD

Following the thoroughly impressive August results from The NPD Group, Microsoft was the first of the big three console manufacturers to chime in on its performance for the month.

The main highlights were outlined by Microsoft as follows:

# Xbox 360 unit sales are up 63 percent, versus an 18 percent decline for PS3 and 5 percent decline for Wii month over month

# Xbox 360 outsells PS3 more than 2:1

# Xbox 360 software sales are more than PS3 and Wii software sales combined

# Madden NFL '08 on Xbox 360 outsold all other versions of the title, including the PS2 by more than 250,000 units, and PS3 by more than 560,000

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BIadestarX3903d ago

Ouch... Yeah.. kick'm while they are still down!

notwithstanding3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

In addition, the company proudly stated that it maintained the Xbox 360's launch price point "for longer than any other console in videogame history holding the record at 21 months." The previous record was held by PS2 at 19 months.

They are boasting about ripping you off for longer even!

ktchong3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Since when does a company trying to earn as much money as possible count as "ripping off"?

FYI, the Xbox 360 venture is still losing money as a whole (and so is PS3.)

tplarkin73903d ago

$250 for a white Gamecube? They make $100 or more on every Wii (small white Gamecube) sold.

Bnet3433903d ago

Is it a rip off when they lose money on selling the Xbox 360? That makes no sense, back in your hole fanboy

dhammalama3903d ago

They don't lose money selling the 360, they're just still in the hole from the original xbox/R&D/and marketing.

Thugbot1873903d ago

No they were not bragging about ripping anyone off. They are clearly stating that sales for the system have remained strong because people think they are getting a value out of the system, as a result of positive demand they were able to keep the starting sale price. You look at the PS3 and they aren't doing so well with sales even after dropping the price.

IF this was the PS3 and Sony saying this you would be all about it. Sheep.....

eLiNeS3903d ago

PS3 most likely!

The iPhone whould win if it was a gaming console, but yeah, PS3 hands down with there fire sale!

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NextGen24Gamer3903d ago

What is amazing to me and beautiful for 3rd party developers, is that regardless of who's numbers you believe in regards to total console sales....VG charts, NPD, Nextgenwars, ect.....THe fact remains that the 360 has sold more games than the Wii and the Ps3 combined....Think about that folks....let that sink in....

360 3rd party games consistantly sell more copies on the xbox 360 than the PC, ps3, ps2, and Wii.....

What do you think that tells developers? LOL.......

Thats why the 360 gets the most exclusives and the superior 3rd party games....Its simple math....

So we can debate of total console sales all day long....What we can't debate is which console has the best games and sells the most games....Its not even a debate...its a land slide in the 360's favor clearly. WOW

Funky Town_TX3903d ago

In the end this is why we come here. NEWS FOR GAMERS RIGHT. Not news for movie watchers. Oh that was low. But I don't care. At least Sony is selling Blu-ray movies. How can the 360 out sell the PS2 in any game? Xbox owners buy games to play on their consoles. Take note SOny trolls. Get out and buy some f-ing games. Ask your moms to give you $60 so you can support Sony. And wait until the 25th. Halo3 #1 in sales.

P1MPDADDY3903d ago

Exactly. The only significant sales on either the PS3 or Wii are First Party sales. 3rd Party sales are always higher on the 360, why??? Bigger install base, and that install base knows that it purchased the console for online HD videogames.

unsunghero283903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

And Halo 3 will doubtless rake in some buys for the 360. Not to mention the best-selling game of the month (if not year).

Still, the Wii is looming over the 360 like a tidal wave. The 360's strategy is good, but MS will have a very difficult time holding off Nintendo this holiday season. We'll have to see.

Huh? Your comment doesn't make any sense. You contradict yourself and then "Nintendo as a weapon" seems like babbling.

What I THINK you were trying to say is that the Wii isn't a next-gen console in that it doesn't compete with the 360. The way I see it, for every consumer that says "Will I buy a Wii or a 360?" the two are in the same market. Saying they're not competing- while done frequently nowadays- is complete BS.

power of Green 3903d ago

MSFT is only superfically competing with Wii. Its not really in the Next-gen market although Wii is next-gen; being Nintendo's next evolution of console. Lets not Use Nintendo as a weapon.

PS360WII3902d ago

Well good for MS.

How come we have MS responds to NPD but we have a Sony adds spin to NPD?

So wait poG we can't use Wii against the 360 because now it's sold more than it? You have to take the bad with the good son. Anyway why are you worried about the Wii? The 360 still sells way more games anyways.

AuburnTiger3902d ago

"Wii. Its not really in the Next-gen market although Wii is next-gen" (head explodes)

power of Green 3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Wii is next-gen but developers are "not" going to think to themselfs how can we make this game- thats going to lead on the Wii(because it sold more consoles) work for the PS3 and 360.

Its hardware is last-gen thus it being in a different market(like the PS2 or Xbox).The Wii fanbase is in a different demographic and will not effect the power house market, even if the Wii's demo was the same its hardware will cause the devs to adjust their stradigies to cater to two leaders at once so to speak.

PS360WII & AuburnTiger, I know you guys want to blame me by insulting me or spew slanderish sh*t saying Im angry the Wii is doing good but your "simple thoughts" can't understand the Wii's market is its own.

PS360WII, Childish post guy... I was talking about angry PS3 fanboys using the Wii.

Never ever come at me with a school yard mindset "we can't use Wii against the 360 because now it's sold more than it?"... lol go play kid fuc you have three consoles.

Do you understand????????........... We'll have news post about in the future and it will be one more issue I'm right about.

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i Shank u3903d ago

they brag about not dropping the price the longest? wow what an awesome record MS! 'makes fart noise'

wish the premium was at 300

jackdoe3903d ago

Yeah. I hope that the Wii or PS3 force Microsoft to start chopping that price because a freaking $50 pricedrop aint gonna cut it for a 2 year old console.

ukilnme3903d ago

I wish the Elite was at $300. Possibility or wishful thinking?

eLiNeS3903d ago

thats when the Falcon will rise!

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