Silicon Knights Blasts Epic Games' Motion to Dismiss

Silicon Knights has filed a response to Epic Games' August counterclaim and motion to dismiss a case revolving around Unreal Engine 3 and Too Human, and blasted Epic's motion to dismiss with accusations of breach of contract, fraud and various other claims.

"Silicon Knights has... very clearly and sufficiently alleged that Epic has 'done much wrong.' Consequently, Epic's Motion to Dismiss should be denied," Silicon Knights said in its response to the motion to dismiss, "Under Epic's interpretation of 'operable,' it would be sufficient if Silicon Knights received effectively nothing in return for its payments under the Agreement (which is what, in reality, happened in this case, as set forth in the [original] Complaint)."

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pretty soon your going to get the National Inquirer involved.

Nth RooCH3908d ago

First I'd heard of this. Chances are Silicon Knights are just looking to get some money. Last I heard about Too Human it was being torn apart by gamers who tried it out. They probably need some cash to fix it up.