Pre-TGS 2007: Steambot Chronicles Goes PS3

Last year about this time, Irem announced that Bumpy Trot 2 was in development for the PlayStation 2. With the PS3 just around the corner, IGn was wondering what they were thinking announcing a sequel for a current generation system.

Thankfully, there's apparently been some reconsideration at the Irem offices in Japan. Bumpy Trot 2 is now scheduled for PlayStation 3 release, according to the game's official website.

A first trailer for the game will be shown at the Tokyo Game Show. However, ahead of next week's formal debut, you can get a sneak peak via a tiny screenshot at the above website. Some of the improvements over the PS2 version should be immediately clear.

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nasim3691d ago

I just cant wait for TGS .

Hopefully SONY will kill competition totally after TGS

FF13 ,MGS 4 and WKS will kill everything out there

darkside3691d ago

the first one is like WildArms a sleeper hit.

tehcellownu3690d ago

damn thats hot cant wait for this game and a trailer at tgs

WilliamRLBaker3690d ago

Picked this up for ps2 even got the lil harmonica..that came with it.