MapleStory Holds its Own Oktoberfest

Not content with drinking tons of beer in the real world, MapleStory is recreating the German festival in their online realm.

From the press release:

"To take part in the event – which is open to everyone and can be participated in once a day for the duration of the promotion – players must deliver a hidden sample of 'malt' to MapleStory Europe's ever present event-NPC Charles. Doing so rewards them with entry to an exciting new beer tent map, where they can enjoy a traditional, hearty German atmosphere of ale, sausages and lederhosen. By completing special objectives within the beer tent, such as fighting off a horde of red-faced, staggering monsters, players can win themselves special Oktoberfest themed items such a German sausage-shaped hat and power boosting mugs of (non-alcoholic!) beer. Players are also encouraged to collect empty beer glasses dropped by monsters, which in turn can be exchanged for special stat-enhancing food items."

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