No downloadable content for Heavenly Sword?

Nina Kristensen, Co-founder of Ninja Theory :

"We would have loved to do downloadable content but when we sat down and thought hard about where our efforts should go, it became very clear very quickly that we should put all our focus into the single player offline experience and make that as good as we possibly could."

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DrWan3876d ago

That really doens't mean anything, because they were referring to when the game was still being worked on. Now the game is done, there is a gap time in developing studios the pre-production stage for the next project and the full projection stage, with a team as big as Ninja theory, there are going to be people doing nothing and collecting salaries. Alot of studios such as Insomniac as we saw with Resistance, they use those extra ppl to work on Resistance map packs and such and the others slowly shift more and more work power to Rachet.

They can easily create a 99 level of Survival dungeon and charge 2.99 for it. and ppl would dig it. since alot of ppl enjoy the fighting, well how about make it harder more challenging so you really can't button mash ur way through. that way u satisfy the casual gamers who is able to finish the game and u also satisfy the combo perfectionist who will try to go through 99 levels of hell (probably include some projectile stages/mini games, since alot of ppl like that too).

I think this interview was done way too early to rule out any kind of DLC AFTER the launch of the game.

nasim3876d ago

addition of MP doesnt actually make any difference.

Neither does the DLC

socomnick3876d ago

I'm going to my friends house tomorrow after my English class I'm planning on beating heavenly sword that afternoon. Hope i'm in for a treat.

Violater3876d ago

i see what u did there.

Bnet3433876d ago

You just owned a bunch of Heavenly Swords fans and didn't even know it. Or did you .... ?

LeonSKennedy4Life3876d ago

You really are.

Maybe you were just ragging on the shortness of the game...but honestly, you could do that with a lot of games. This is a fantastic game though. It's definitely worth buying.

Jdash243876d ago

i just wish my city would STOP SUCKING and get heavenly sword in already, god i hope my wal mart gets it together before other games are released, i dont want to have to drive 40 minutes to drive to a store that has the game i want

Rageaholic3876d ago

How many chapters in the game, Im on chapter 2 already and thats an hour of play.

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The story is too old to be commented.