After Shepard: What We Want From ‘Mass Effect 4′ [Game Rant]

Game Rant's Andrew Dyce writes: "Fantastic game worlds are a rare occurrence, and the ‘Mass Effect’ series has dozens of them. We’ve put together our list of four different ‘Mass Effect’ games that we want to see next."

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mobijoker2628d ago

I doubt there will be ME4 as Bioware has always said that its a trilogy.I think they will make another new ip which will test the limit of gaming experience as they are doing that for quite a some time.

marioPSUC2628d ago

Actually they said that Shepards story is a trilogy, they said theres still possibility for more storys in the mass effect universe. Shepards story will end with 3, but we could get more games focused in that universe

cochise3132628d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing one of the former crew members stories from the first game.

Blacktric2628d ago

I'd die to see a Mass Effect game taking place around the First Contact War. It'd be like the Old Republic era of Mass Effect universe.

WildArmed2627d ago

Play as Protheans?
Epic win >:)

King-Leonidas2627d ago

THIS... bioware clearly stated tha ME is a trilogy

theafroman2628d ago

should there be a mass effect 4?

Arup022628d ago

ME4 will be lame. Like you will control Joker in a 500hours game flying ships and doing unfunny jokes

cochise3132628d ago

yeah, i didn't like joker too much, I'd rather play as one of those damn krogan, and i hate those bastards.

cochise3132628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

Mass effect doesn't need a fourth game, it will go down as one of the greatest story driven trilogies I've ever played.

Godmars2902628d ago

A Privateer to ME's Wing Commander where you fought a central evil bent on destruction? Instead being an average Joe who's actually exploring the universe who just happens to wind up in trouble.

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The story is too old to be commented.