Nintendo's Iwata: Don't do the easy; Wii Sports sequel not coming out soon

In an interview with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata posted by Earthbound creator Shigesato Itoi on his blog, Iwata revealed a sequel to the popular Wii Sports was not in the works.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said that the key to attracting new gaming customers is to surprise them with new entertainment ideas, and that Nintendo would not take the easy route of making similar sequels to make easy money.

Iwata also honestly admitted that if the Wii and DS had not become a global success, then maybe Nintendo would have had fallen back on making safer sequels to make profit for certain.

The interview is part 9 of an 11-part conversations Itoi had with Iwata six months ago. Part 9 was posted on September 12 in Japanese and English translation.

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unsunghero283839d ago

I think saying that Nintendo won't roll out cheap moneymaking sequels isn't entirely true. Look at Mario Party 8 or Brain Age 2; a lot of their games are just cheap reworks of a tried-and-tested formula. And, apparently, people love to buy them.

Now, that's still not entirely fair to Nintendo. All of the holy trinity games are sequels, and all of them advance heavily upon their predecessors. I love Nintendo's franchises, and if someone said "Oh, by the way, no Super Mario or Super Smash next gen" a whooole lot of Nintendo system owners (Including me) would be ticked off. Nintendo has always centered around the same franchises. Frequently, they actually change the games that the licenses are used in. Other times... well, not so much.

I guess this article is trying to say that new franchises are in the works from Nintendo. I hope so.

Blackmoon3839d ago

I know English is far from being his first language.

But his grammar still makes me laugh.

alaaji3839d ago

The telling part of this interview is that he says that it is easy to say that they won't take the easy way out because they are making a profit. He goes on to say that if they weren't making a profit, they would probably take the easy way out.

To address your comment UnsungHero, Iwata does clarify that is not to say they will not make sequels but that they want to do something that will attract gamers.

Adamalicious3838d ago

Wasn't Wii Play tantamount to a quickie cash-in sequel? I know they didn't call it Wii Sports 2 or anything, but it was certainly trying to capitalize on the success of Wii Sports - and it's borderline shovel-ware.

ChickeyCantor3838d ago

it came with a controller so it was a smart move =P
and Wiiplay didnt had any sports game so calling it wiisports2 isnt really logical.

it was more a demo to show how the controller works.

bootsielon3835d ago

"Nintendo would not take the easy route of making similar sequels to make easy money. "

Is that why Wii is a similar sequel to the gamecube?