Nintendo's U.S. marketing chief George Harrison to leave

Nintendo of America's Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications has confirmed to Reuters that he will not follow the company in its relocation from Redmond, Washington to San Francisco and New York: "I have confirmed to all employees that I will be leaving at the end of December and not making the move to California."

Harrison has been with Nintendo since 1992. He did not say what he will do after he leaves Nintendo.

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Jdash243837d ago

how about change your name, cuz there is only one george harrison, and he's jamming with john lennon up in heaven right now

unsunghero283837d ago

"George" and "Harrison" are both pretty common names.

I'm sure there are plenty of Kevin Johnsons and Fred Phillips running around the world.

scarlett_rg3837d ago

That's not good news. He's been doing a great job. I hope his replacement is equally competent.