New footage from last update.

New footage from Home.

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DrWan3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Alot more interesting than looking at the xbox gamer's card. All Sony has to do now is link that Home trophie room trophies in 'text format' or "small icons" and have it accessible via a united friendlist (same friendlist as Home of course), and have it viewable on the go as well as games launchable on the go as well on the XMB as well as Home. That's all it needs now then i dont see any reason MS will keep up with the monthly. I think competition is good, and if this goes on, i think current xbox owners may not need to be paying for Live for very long, which is good for them.

toughNAME3935d ago

ill hold off on the homosexual remarks until this is a finished product

...and for the record..i am not dont throw that in face

MalcomGrasley3935d ago

What is so amazing about Home is that we are just seeing the very basic hub of the online world. Home is designed for third party developers to create their own custom spaces for their games and companies.

It is trivial to create customs spaces since all it takes is standard game art in Maya and tagging surfaces for video streams and images. So game art from a company's games can be leveraged to created customs Home spaces for that company that are all decked out in the theme and look of that company's games.

Sony will be updating Home constantly just like a normal MMORPG. So just like the PS3 is getting monthy firmware updates more and more spaces and features will continue to be added to Home over the next five years. Think back to how much stuff Sony has added to the PS3's firmware over the past year.

Video streaming and watching movies with your friends right there in Home.

Custom spaces for all developers to show off their games.

All the minigames for you to play while you are getting together with friends in
Home to play online games like Warhawk, Resistance, and SOCOM.

Custom clan spaces that are all decked out in your clans theme and a place for all of you to meet before and after matches.

Your own personal spaces where you can invite friends to stop by and share all of your media you have on your PS3.

Meet people in Home and being able to both jump right into a multiplayer PS3 game you all have right there as a group.

Just like a normal MMORPG Home is going to be the place everyone logs onto each day to meet up and hang out with friends before and after gaming.

Along with free online play for all games and dedicated servers Sony has nailed online gaming like no other company. The next five years is going to be insanely cool for PS3 owners.

hazeblaze3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Actually, it's coming together quite nicely. My biggest concern was that Sony was not going to have all of these features in place when Home launched publicly... awesome to see they've already put them in place before the end of the beta! I'm looking forward to pool, the arcade, chess & bowling... and of course tricin out my apartment.

Think it's going to be awesome too that I'll be able to put a movie on my hard drive and my friends can watch it from anywhere in the world. That's just hot sh*t.

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btkadams3935d ago

woah that looks crazy. before it kidna looked lame cuz the environments were so bland but now it seems like an actual world. cant wait.

ps: for some weird reason i am reminded of disneyland when the person walked around the courtyard area where everything is

SmokeyMcBear3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

couple of things.. I can see that relocating thing be pretty annoying, but I like the hang out chat aspect to it, and play a game of chess or something. I really want to see the getting people together and jumping into a game aspect to it.. do all of you have to have the game ready(on disc), or the game on your hard drive, if not that would be sweet, you can pull people into your game.. kind of like the psp does with some games...

Anyone else notice that dude hella stalking her, too funny

Darkiewonder3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

I'm already in the beta <3

EDIT: Also, there's something about the profile card. there's a black strip. I wonder what that space is for. O.o

Is someone jealous because I am in the BETA? :O [Too funny]

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