PSP Firmware 3.71 Decrypted, New PSARDumper Released

Mere hours after the release of firmware 3.71 for the PSP, hacking team M33 have already manged to fully decrypt the new firmware and have released an update to PSARDumper, which now supports firmware 3.71 decryption.

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Douchebaggery3876d ago

this is what i think about these f*cking "news" post

LeShin3876d ago

I don't get it, can't Sony just take these guys to court and ruin them?

TheMART3876d ago

Well using homebrew software on the PSP is pretty much the only thing to do with it right now because there aren't many games around are there.

Really. The hardware you buy, is yours. One should be able to get homebrew running. It would be just the same if your PC got locked down to only play certain software and you couldn't install some things you like on it.

I think these hackers are good, to unlock the real posibilities of the machine. Illegal games is another issue though...

malingenie3875d ago

I never thought I'd ever agree with you MArt... but I do in this case... homebrew is a "potential unlocker" for the PSP

LeShin3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

There aren't many games?????? Not this argument again! It seems that's the only thing you seem to say about Sony products! Are you kidding me??

I've got 21 PSP games, most of my friends have about 14-18 on average (though I know one crazy person who has over 40!). That's more than enough for most people and enough for me, there's tons of games out there that I want but I need to finish the ones I've already got first.

...and don't even get me started on Monster Hunter Freedom 2, God of War, Syphon Filter, Tekken: DR, Wipeout, Castlevania, Jeanne D'arc or Crisis Core.

If you believe there isn't many good games out for the PSP then you're either an idiot or not a gamer.....maybe you should take up knitting.

The ONLY two things about hombrew on the PSP is:
1. Ability to play emulators
2. Ability to play some PS1 games

darthv723875d ago

to fix their problem instead of letting them crack the code each time. It works for security software companies. They hire hackers that have cracked their protection and use them to find the holes and fix them before it gets released to the public. Why be infamous when you could be famous.