Tekken 6 in motion from JAMMA

The Japanese Amusement Machine Manufacturers' Association (JAMMA) expo is throwing down in Japan right now in the Makuhari Messe, the same location that will house next week's Tokyo Game Show. The GameVideos gang is on the show floor securing silent clips of games like Tekken 6 in eye-popping obscure-o-vision. video has (No sound)

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nasim3907d ago

SONY would be in a killing spree this SEPTEMBER at TGS

cant just wait for FF13

AliC3907d ago

Kind of looks dull to me, same tired old game with slightly new graphics. I doubt this will be on my to buy list.

Trick Nolte3907d ago

AAAAANNNNDDD they brought my boy Eddy BACK! I miss playing Tekken and I'm stoked for 6. Looks Sweet

Hatchetforce3906d ago

Ha ha, Chris Farley kicks ass. I think he is funny as hell. Someone with which couch potatoes can identify.

bloop3906d ago

dark dante, when did they ever get rid of Eddy?? He was always unlockable by pressing either start or triangle on Christie if my memory serves me correctly. And yeah, I agree xionpunk, they were starting to take a few steps in the right direction introducing the likes of Raven, but then they go and bring in some ridiculous character again. Really wish they'd just ditch the likes of all the Kumas, Rogers and all the other ridiculous characters. Take Gon as another example, just what were they thinking? Other than that though, I have to admit its not really looking anything special. Its just regular old Tekken with upgraded gfx. Was really hoping they'd push the boat out on this one and introduce some new elements of play. Oh well, looks like I'll be holding off on getting that PS3 for another while then, maybe MGS will twist my arm. Tekken's still the King of 3d fighters though.