Huxley beta in Korea, new video and 18 screenshots

1UP is reporting that Huxley closed beta has opened for 999 lucky Koreans. The short beta period lasts only five days, but in that time those selected will be able to try the team death match and radar domination modes, along with more of the core structure of the MMO aspects, such as quest mode.

To speed along the process of testing, players are being started at level 19 so they can use more advanced weapons, defense capabilities, and skill sets.

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X_GAMER_X3870d ago

Now this will be amazing..
100 vs 100
Thnx MS

power of Green 3870d ago

This will be the new Halo as for FPS's go Halo's going to have a 3rd person GRAW like game and the RTS ofcourse and one I know nothing about.

Huxely is one bad mamma jamma.

beavis4play3870d ago

this looks to be way cooler than halo. wow, huxley is impressive.

Daxx3870d ago

I totally can't wait for Huxley. ^_^

FiveShot Bandit3870d ago

Huxley is going to be amazing. I was really hoping it would be out this year but it doesnt look like that is going to happen.

nekon3870d ago

This is something I've been following for a long time.. Hompefully we get some gameplay vids.

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The story is too old to be commented.