Sony orders "high end" brochure to promote Playstation 3

Sony UK has ordered 250.000 brochures, to promote the better understanding of their console, and it's benefit. The brochures will make their way in commercial centers in the United Kingdom starting from October.

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Daewoodrow3963d ago

Ridiculous. Is that really what they think? That we're not buying PS3s here because we "don't understand"?
Sony, the PS3 isn't selling well here because the PS3 costs more than most people make in a month, because there are no games that justify the purchase, because HD-DVD and Bluray haven't taken off yet here, and because the Wii and 360 are far more trusted as well as far better advertised.
Not because we're too stupid.

leinadem23963d ago

Sony always thinks that is right and if people do not behave like they want us to we are stupid; just remember Lair.

mirroredderorrim3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Yes I remember Lair. It's a good game in my opinion. Not the best, but good none the less.

as for the brochures I don't know what to say about that. But I will say if Sony would stop being stupid and cryptic with their PS3 advertisements and get classic, straight forward and to the point maybe it would help sales in some form.

That's not going without saying Microsofts advertisements are equally stupid and irrelevent to gaming as well.
I have only seen Nintendo market their console the way *I would* and that's to show the games in motion, being played, etc.

The Nintendo commericals look fun and show *people* playing the games.
Sony and Microsoft should take note.

jackdoe3963d ago

Jeez. SCEE should really, really get a new marketing director.

jackie chann3963d ago

HAHAHA now the people are wrong too, this is getting really funny!!.

What next UMD movie brochures.

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The story is too old to be commented.