Microsoft: Every Kinect we make we sell

XMNR: Earlier we reported that Microsoft had announced that Kinect had surpassed an impressive 8 million units sold in the two months since it launched. Some may wonder if this is the classic "shipped vs sold" argument but Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg put that question to rest.

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blackburn52531d ago

To who? Consumers or retailers? You didn't really answer the question Aaron.

deadreckoning6662531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Even if he asserted that consumers are indeed the ones contributing to these numbers, I bet ud still be here questioning why not cut the crap?

H.A.T.E.R.S- Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success

"Good luck playing sales"

It's a "sales" article Sherlock.

blitz06232531d ago

Well if the RROD thing is true, then they should be saying

Every Kinect we make we replace


thenickel2531d ago

"H.A.T.E.R.S- Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success"

hum...I like that.

SnuggleBandit2531d ago

So is Microsoft reporting "made" sales now, now just sold to retailers?? :p

AAACE52531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

@Deadreckoning666... Clever! You get a bubble!

On topic... Doesn't matter, They have sold through at least 5 million units with probably 3 million still in stores.

You guys are hating because you said it wouldn't sell and now you are scrambling to salvage any negativity you can.

Personal note: Can you fanboys have a meeting and give me just one day where I can make normal comments on here and not seem like I am going on the defensive all the time! I like all of the console and feel the need to speak when someone seels lost or delusional. Can I get a break every now and then?

Simon_Brezhnev2531d ago

dead you perfectly described yourself

DelbertGrady2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Aren't Sony the ones who count their sales as shipped to retailers? Look, they even admitted it.


"While this sounds good, Sony only produce shipment numbers leaving out actual sales."

Just because they did it like that there's no need to get all angry with MS because Kinect is a success.

finnhima2531d ago


Fully agreed. On any time of day you'd see dead reckoning singing praises of anything 360 related, while staying true in his anti-ps3 fanatics, and he wants to talk about "hating"? puhlease.

Even with one bubble he still talks way to damn much.

zag2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Microsoft: Every Kinect we make we sell

Well! it's probably good that they do sell them as these other people who make Kinect could be making a killing! you know selling more of them...

Now I wonder who also make Kinect?

Don't you love dickheads in marketing it's a comics dream!!!

zag2531d ago


Yes, your correct that Sony give shipped numbers, but they said they had sold 2 million in a week in the USA I believe.

Where as MS are probably using world wide figures.

Oner2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

@ Delbert ~ Funny how you leave out the bit of information in your link that says that was for a GAME. Plus it was the writer of the article who said that, NOT Sony as you boldly claim was "admitted" by them. Your comment is missing LOTS of proper & valid information for some odd reason including having straight out false info as well...I wonder why that is?

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Christopher2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

It was confirmed that the 8m was sell-in, though they did sell to consumers more than 5m as they had planned. It's on a great path to initial success, now we just need to see how it plays out in the long run and how they maintain support of it with their games.


Quoted from a Bloomberg News Tech Reporter

# Microsoft has clarified to me that the 8 million KInect number is sell in, or how many were shipped to retailers. Not sell thru.

# Forecast for Kinect was 5 mln units sold thru to customers. Microsoft says it `far surpassed' the 5 mln sell thru forecast but no exact

Queasy2531d ago

Latest from MSFT: Kinect number is indeed sell-in. However, as per @aarongreenberg no inventory, pretty much all of them have been sold thru

Christopher2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

yeah, just saw her update.

My question... if they have a sell-in of 8m and all are also sell-through... how can they all be sold when no one is out of stock and local stores have it in stock and not selling off the shelves?

I'm confused.

colonel1792531d ago

In my opinion, the better question would be which of those 8 mil kinects are actually being connected to a 360 and used for gaming instead of hacking and science experiments?

Christopher2531d ago

I hate that type of comment. Do people really think there are millions of hackers out there buying up Kinects? There aren't that many hackers in the world in the first place.

DSI2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

WOW look at the PS3 faithful trying every single angle they can to cut down or downplay the success of Kinect. Seriously, it is absolutely amazing to me how many analytical questions are being posted as to whether it is sell-in, sell-thru, etc.

Why does it matter, MS obviously hit the 5M mark that most of the naysayers claimed that they would never make. Now they are on to new ways to try and discredit Kinect.

Really is quite pathetic and desperate.

Silly gameAr2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Wow yeah DSI. All two of them are hating their asses off.

Yeah. These guys trying to discredit Kinect. How dare they. Guess I'll head to the latest GT5 article and check all of the great, non-hate going on in the comment section there.


Kinect is doing great though. It's just sad when people try to rub it in someones face like it's their own personal accomplishment, like they're the ones that invested the half a billion to market the thing.

theIMP2531d ago

@ Silly gameAr
You know what’s even more sad. That those people who's nose is being rubbed in it are even in this article. You know they are in there to troll, so if they get offended who gives a fuck, their trolls. You really said all 2 of them. Sorry homie there are hordes of these people in every Kinect article, and even if there were only 2 (out of 3 comments) people trolling when he posted that, you can bet the farm that was just in the first 5 minutes. I also have an issue with your GT defense. This is not a GT5 article, so you couldn't be more off topic, and how old are you? 10? Every time someone uses that lame ass excuse “But they did it”, for them to act the same way, I cringe. PS3 fanboys love to call the Xbots sheep, but they are the ones being herded by the actions of others, quoting slogans, and making the same list year after year. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I don't take the "He did it first", excuse from my 4-year-old son, and laugh my ass off when a grown man uses it to justify their action. Grow the fuck up.

KingME2531d ago

@theIMP - Amen to that. Well Said! Bubbles.

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Cyrax_872531d ago

"Going forward, Microsoft says it will return to reporting sell in numbers for Kinect, which is what it has always done for consoles."

So the Kinect numbers are shipped and MS's console numbers have always been shipped? Makes sense.

egidem2531d ago

Well, Kinect is selling very well. Now if Microsoft wants to keep this ball rolling they are going to need to deliver more games next year as good software is what will make Kinect sell in the long run. Damn I keep forgetting that we're already in 2011!

beardpapa2531d ago

see two shelves of them at the local target so .... I guess those aren't sold yet.

morkendo232531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

yeah, to who Aaron?? im sure the audience on OPRAH show did not buy any. unless oprah bought them and GAVE THEM AWAY???? not hardly ... HMMM smells fishy

ngecenk2531d ago

cmon, just admit it! kinect is a success! still not a buy for me, but lots are enjoying it!

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shutupandplay2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Everybody wants Kinect and Xbox 360. Sorry folks, but that is the cold hard, no sugar coating truth. The 360 is just simply unstoppable right now. Any chance or fear that it was ever going to slip into 3rd place can no be laid to rest. The beast known as the 360 will hold onto it`s incredible standing this generation for years.

OVER 50 Million consoles. It`s over, 360 just locked itself into safety. Say whatever you want, but there is a reason Sony didn`t bother announcing PS3 sales today, they are getting trounced, big time.

Tinasumsum2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

He doesn't need to play sales he will be playing games like every year this generation after you guys say go play sales because there's no games.

Name Last Name2531d ago

@ Tinasumsum
Did you just imply that the PS3 has no games? I hope not.

Tinasumsum2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

If you PS3 people would calm down and just eccxcxcxcept the 360 is doing better than great, you would be thinking clearly. My comment above had nothing to do with PS3. Calm down and relax go enjoy your console. You're wasting your time thinking Wii and 360 owners care what PlayStation fans say. There really isn't any reason to mention PS3. PS3 is being outsold by a million units a month by its competition.

epoxy792531d ago


its accept not except.

Tinasumsum2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Thanx 4 your help?

it is: it's not its.

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Obama2531d ago

No wonder MS didn't announce any new games. They don't have to when the fans can play the great exclusive sales all day long :D

SuperLupe2531d ago

For people who dont care bout sales you sure were excited up in that thread.

EvolZero2531d ago

Or maybe they will do it at E3. You know the expo show specifically for showing off new software. CES is more about the hardware.

Adva2531d ago

It took Xbox over 5 years to get 40mil
It took PS3 only 4 years to get 40mil EVEN thought it sells for $100 more. Poor kid

NnT32912531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

still a big success for the xbox brand compared to the xbox1. Did you know after 4 years the Ps2 sold nearly 100 mil?

Arup022531d ago

For a newcomer in the Consoles market like MS this is far than better. Poor Kid.

DigitalRaptor2531d ago

I actually don't remember Sony making any of the same sly moves and bringing along bad trends that Microsoft seems to have done this generation.

Microsoft has brought so many awful things to the industry as a whole, that far outweigh any merits you can hand them!

Sony let themselves slip, but they still have their dignity in tact!

testerg352531d ago

Digital, what did ms do?

Bucky Sligo2531d ago


Krazy Ken raped the Sony name with all the 4d 1080p @ 120fps BS, not to mention all the talks about rumble is last gen to cover up their own lawsuit only to release the dualshock 3 later on. That's what I call sly moves.

DigitalRaptor2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

By comparison, and for a little bit of perspective:

- Microsoft bolting on their Xbox consumers and basically saying "If you want to have any more exclusive Xbox experiences, you need to buy a 360".

- Doing the exact same thing with Kinect "If you want to have more exclusive experiences on 360, you need to buy Kinect".

- Shipping the Xbox 360, even though they knew it was destined to fail, and only came through with the 3 year warrantee when people complained.

- Relying mostly on third party content and even paying up the arse to secure timed exclusives which don't really benefit the gamer much. Not only does the competition get it eventually, but they get their own amazing first party stuff to boot.

- Closing first party studios, rather than affirming their place in the gaming business, by buying and fostering their own developers, to ensure consistent quality content. It's not like they don't have the funds to do what is right in this industry, they just choose not to.

- Raising the price of Xbox Live Gold to $60 and trying to justify it with "exclusives" that either don't exist or are not what most core 360 consumers bought their console(s) for.

- Focussing on the HD-DVD which wasn't even related to gaming, just to try and beat out Sony, only to fail and leaving those who bought the HD-DVD add-on with a brick!

- Overcharging on other peripherals such as the Wi-fi, and HDD. Upselling the consumer.

- Convincing their supporters that multiplatform games are exclusive!

- Using DVD9 format, which is not only holding back content from being released or reaching its full potential, but has successfully popularised DLC on consoles. DLC can be great, but lots of developers have been holding back content at launch to sell on later for a premium.

- And finally, thank you Microsoft for popularising online play on consoles. I would say that is great, but you have successfully convinced people into thinking that paying to play half the game you have already purchased online, is worth the price of entry. Thank god PC gamers weren't this gullible. And furthermore, this has encouraged a fraghead community, ignorant to games without online multiplayer or without guns.

- In fact, that isn't all. They have also successfully convinced their fanbase that selling faulty hardware is acceptable. Any other company besides Microsoft would have to recall a product if it was as faulty as the Xbox 360, but as always they have gotten a free pass. I have never seen a fanbase so willing to bend over for the company they support.

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Lyr1c2531d ago

What kind of controller do you use to play sales? O_o

Bucky Sligo2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Probably a dualshock 3 since the Sony fans were celebrating real hard when articles started to surface about the PS3 nearly overtaking the Xbox360

Lyr1c2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Though you could play sales with any platform, there's only one console where I can play hardcore games throughout 2011......

And that is what I use my Dualshock 3 for.

Though knowing you, you'd probably rather use the "CONTROLLER-FREE!?!?!&quo t; Kinect Support DLC for the sales game.

theIMP2531d ago

Yea lyr1c,I believe Bucky just owned your first comment, and by the way his comment was 100% accurate. Then you get mad, and I have to laugh. I will be playing hardcore games all year on my 360. You must be real young, because you seem to have the mentality of a 12 year old. Just out of curiosity, why are you in a Kinect SALES article instead of playing your awesome PS3 exclusives, or at the very least why aren’t you in a PS3 exclusive article? NVM I think we all know why.

Lyr1c2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

I'm the 12yr old yet you don't know correct grammar.

I guess that makes sense....If you're 12.

And how did he "own" my first comment?

I asked a question.

You can't "own" a question.

Go back to school.

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nycredude2531d ago


You should change your name to shutupandtalksalesonn4g.

theIMP2531d ago

Hey I think you should change yoiur name to I_am_such_a_stupid_fucking_tro ll_i_call_people_in_a_KINECT_SA LES_ARTICLE_out_for_talking_sal es.

nycredude2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )


what did you just join this N4g thing. Shutupandplay all he talks about is sale in EVERY thread or bash something. Get his c*ck out of your mouth bro.

As a matter of fact if I am a troll he was my master at troll school.

Christopher2531d ago

I have a question for people who support Microsoft so blindly:

What do you think will happen when Microsoft corners the market on PC Operating and Office Software, HD Gaming Systems, Motion Gaming Systems, and Phone OS?

When will people stop and realize that the worst thing that can happen is for there to be a single winner?

thenickel2531d ago

Life is to short to worry so much non sense.

Christopher2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

You call it nonsense, until you're faced with the result that there's no company to control what Microsoft can do with their products.

If you don't see the power that Microsoft has with just their OS/Office software dominance, then you must be living in complete bliss due to that level of ignorance.

Life isn't at all short when it concerns the future of technology and who has control over it. With your viewpoint, the loss of net neutrality wouldn't be a thing to worry about either.

@baodeus: That's because PC sales were still dominant in that time and was the dominant gaming platform overall. They also didn't already have a monopoly on OS and Office software for PCs, which account for 93% of the market, more if you just talk about businesses. This generation? It's all consoles.

All I want is competition, and Microsoft and Nintendo have brought it to Sony's doorstep this generation. All 3 need to stay relevant, though, otherwise we're not going to see the advancements we've come to see in the last 5 years and we'll get locked into more proprietary crap that we have no control over other than to just not participate.

I am worried about how much money Microsoft has to throw around. It's gotten them so far and it seems to be endless. If Sony had the hardware failure rate of the 360, they would be out of the race right now.

baodeus2531d ago

i don't think they gonna corners that many fronts, don't worry. Apple (especially apple) is killing out there with iphone and mp3 players. I don't think MS can get anywhere near because they are late, and second of all, google is also in on the mobile market. They still have their operating/office software though which are good product.

The next big marathon would be cloud, let see who will be the winner of that one.

But funny though, people on N4G didn't mind when Sony dominating last gen console w/ PS2.

thenickel2531d ago

Oh so now I'm ignorant because I don't share your what if theories lol. Dude chill out because it's not that serious trust me. Surely there are more pressing matters to be concerned about other then conspiracys. Not sure why you have those bubbles but from what your saying you sure as heck don't deserve them. blah blah blah sheesh!

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MajestieBeast2531d ago

Sales manager if its gonna be made will probably be the best selling game for the 360.

Tinasumsum2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )


AGamerOfConsoles2531d ago

Everybody wants kinect? Nope not me. I am waiting for 3DS. Now that looks like a real impressive gaming device.

KratosGod32531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

"Everybody wants Kinect and Xbox 360. Sorry folks"
Not for me dud. I'll never buy that add-on Sh!t... NEVER.
BTW: from now on the EXCLUSIVE word for M$ is SALES not GAMES.
M$ has a lot of Excusive SALES... so, don't worry xbots fanboys you will have alot of EXCLUSIVES. Oh wait I mean SALES this year... Lol.

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StarScream4Ever2531d ago

I don't know... I saw 6 Kinects at my local Target while Move is still sold out. :(

jukins2531d ago

this is what im seeing at my retail stores lots of kinects bundles and standalones. i see the sports champion bundle but no move controllers or nav controllers

SuperLupe2531d ago

No move controllers ? Maybe people dont want any ?

I mean what are trying to say right here ? Move is outselling Kinect? lol.

Arup022531d ago

How many Move are sold? Just a question... Not like Move is outselling Kinect.

snake-OO2531d ago

they probably overflowing the channel again, like they did back with the 360 to make it look good when they announced their shipped numbers. I remember they had that much stock on store shelves that they had to slow down production on the 360.

Christopher2531d ago

I've seen plenty stock of both.

Megaton2531d ago

I'd bet on channel stuffing. What were they claiming for November? 2.5? So 5.5 for December? Uh huh...

clintos592531d ago


Your a funny one lol. Defend kinect sales but hey gt5 sales dont mean anything? Anyways ill congrat ms for those great sales but i still dont see whats so good about it. All the great things ive seen being done with kinect were on pc hacks so if anyone that is going to make really good use of kinect, it definitely will be the pc because it has everything kinect needs to take full advantage of it.

thenickel2531d ago

"but i still dont see whats so good about it."

It sounds as if you've never even played it. Definitely try it out at some point and you may or may not like it.

baodeus2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

i think u should try it first. Man it was quite a blast playing kinect with lot of friends comming over. It is a lot better than i though. I kept my expectation really low based on all the bashing from n4G.

The PC mod can give developers ideas on how to implemented those mods for games. You can see the possibilities right?