Winamp to enable remote access to music collection on PC from PS3, Wii

Winamp Remote, currently in beta, will enable remote access to your music collection on a PC from a PS3, Wii, or mobile phone. The best part is Winamp Remote will be free. Here is how it works in a nutshell:

The product is relatively simple; users store their music files on a PC with Winamp running. Then they enable the application for remote access. After setting that up, users fire up the Wii or PlayStation 3 web browser and head to to sign in. As long as the host PC is on, has Winamp running and connected to the Internet, the user can allow a friend to stream music and video from that machine too. If the user was on the road, at a party, over a friend's or trapped in a coffee house with bad music, they can access their tunes remotely from anywhere with an Internet connection.

(Note: Winamp Remote currently does not work with Xbox 360 because it requires a browser.)

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XerockX3721d ago

thats a nice update, but i use orb,which is also free.

sabbath4203721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

I did not fully understand the article. my apology. That is a pretty cool deal I must say. Kind of like a sling box idea eh. Sony is still gay.

cervantes993721d ago

You only make $500 a week?

You need to get a better job so you can afford all the systems and play the best games for each. That's what a true hardcore gamer would do!

People only complain about things they can't afford.

SmokeyMcBear3721d ago

I stream music from my pc and all i need is media player 11.. hmmm.. yeah 500 a week sucks dude, gotta graduate to double that

mrlakadaddy3721d ago

every thing from my pc with even decodes all codecs on the fly...supports all formats onto my ps3, avi,divx,ac3....this article is about remote access...meaning you can listen to your tunes from a friends ps3 or wii even if you are half way around the world. now i dont know about you but i think thats great

wageslave3721d ago

"Note: Winamp Remote currently does not work with Xbox 360 because it requires a browser."

NOTE: Your Xbox 360 can mount your media volumes over the network and play them locally.

NOTE: Your Xbox 360 can use Windows Media Center to play media available on your PC, stream music/tv, PVR, TunerCards, CableCARD...

NOTE: Your Xbox 360 doesnt need this winamp-plugin / webpage stuff.

ZombiesNJ3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

The keyword you said was "locally" if you were at a friend's house or took your XBox360 elsewhere, you would not have access to your music or files that are on your home PC.

2paclives3721d ago

sux to be a 360 owner.....just j/k...but anyways I always wondered why xbox doesn't supply a browser with the system..I mean, it is ms, and they created ie...what gives??

sabbath4203719d ago

The xbox is a game console.

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