Dell: Notebooks Driving PC Gaming Sales

Dell and Alienware say demand for high-end gaming notebooks is on the rise.

"There's a general trend in the industry that notebooks are becoming more prevalent and we're also seeing that in gaming," said Glen Robson, general manager of marketing for Dell's XPS gaming computer brand.

The single-minded emphasis gamers place on performance has traditionally meant they opt for desktop computers, which deliver more bang for the buck.

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ben hates you3909d ago

i personally hate dell computers

Gateway > Dell

Marona3909d ago

Bad experience with Dell? Never had a problem.

snoop_dizzle3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

dell is definetly not one computer company ill buy from based on my experience.

i have heard the same with gateway, but have had no problems with them.

And i love this monitor for the price.


and the fact that it rotates 90 degrees. I do wish they had an hdmi port though(i use hdmi to dvi for my ps3. And i use a vga kvm switch with my pc and 360. The downside to this monitor is that hooking up something with component cables doesn't really look good like a HDTV would. Then again this is a computer monitor.