PS3 built for the long haul, Xbox 360 not? History to repeat itself ala PS1 Vs N64?

You don't think the PS3 can eventually overtake the Xbox 360? Think again. Remember, the N64 beat the snot out of the PlayStation One for nearly a year and a half until it got its killer app (Final Fantasy VII). History repeats itself. The PS3 may be mocked by the mass media as a commercial failure for now, and to an extent Sony earned that abuse for launching their new console to market so early when their existing console (the PS2) was clearly alive and still in much demand, but they won't make that mistake again. Eventually, the PlayStation 3 will start to look attractive to the general consumer, and once they have that fancy new Blu-Ray player to go with their fancy new HDTV, they just might start picking up new games for their new console-just like the PS2 before it.

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bung tickler3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Hmmm indeed...

cloud3603875d ago

have one word for u. FFVII ps3 remake.

yep history repeats itself

Mr Marbles3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

it's not suprising that a PS3 site would profess such mindless dribble, but what I find interesting is, why is it that you never see articles bashing the PS3 on 360 sites? About once a month some no name PS3 fansite writes an entire article bashing the 360, it is then posted here and elsewhere as news. We never see this type of sleeze from say,, they barely even acknowlaedge the existance of the PS3, too many great things to talk about in the 360 world, kinda makes you wonder, why the rush from sony types to slander their competition, a little insecure, or worried are we sony fans?

TheSadTruth3875d ago

K I'm ready to lose my bubbles for this.. but it needs to be said

There is absolutely no reason to buy a PS3 other than MGS4 and Final Fantasy XIII (and Blu-Ray)

There is also no guarantee that Blu-Ray will beat out HD-DVD, which the whole article ASSUMES will happen

FFVII sold under 10 million copies but the original PlayStation sold over 100 million units, I would hardly call that a driving factor in its sales

I cannot honestly predict what will happen as there are too many factors, but I'm pretty sure Wii will continue to have a massive surge of sales through 2008, and then die out when the whole motion control fad ends, and third party titles will still be lacking. I don't think 360 can compete with PS3 in 2008 either but if FFXIII or MGS4 goes multi platform, the console war will be over for the PS3, assuming Blu-Ray doesn't all of a sudden offer super cheap titles and the PS3 becomes ridiculously cheap.

HateBoy3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Agree with most of what u said. Not the whole "MGS4 & FFXIII is the only reason to buy a ps3" tho. I can think of a lot of other stuff, free online gaming, first to UT3, Ratchet, Uncharted, Jak (soooometime), maybe (MAYBE) Killzone 2 if they manage to match the gameplay to the graphics + a bunch of other stuff most sony cöckboys would mention.
I do believe blu-ray will win, where I live, Sverige!!, the battle is already over and the blue ones won.

EDIT: Just scrolled down and read some fanboy comments, and I just wanna say---> Fakk you fanboy, I fakking hate you, both sides.
EDIT2:@HatchetForce-->So what side would I be representing? Read other comments I've posted stupid, you'll find me defending both sides. So unless you have some IQ deficiency try to connect the dots. Try to get all the facts before talking retard.

Monchichi0253875d ago

Built for the future????? ROTFL!!!!

The only difference between the PS3 and the 360 is that Sony forces their agenda on you!!!

Everything the PS3 does, the 360 can do, if I CHOOSE to buy them. HD-DVD drive...check, additional memory...check, HDMI connection....check, WI-FI...Check.

But you know what, I have CHOSEN not to buy those things because I don't feel any need to have them yet!!! When I choose to I'll do it.

And the 360 still offers more games, better graphics and a cheaper price!

Hatchetforce3875d ago

And so you hate yourself Hateboy you idiot. For among all people here you are one of the most evident fanboys. What an imbecile. Ignore for you.

tatical3875d ago


I disagree with you because if I choose to upgrade my 360 with all of that stuff (which I'd like to do), it'll cost more than my PS3. BTY $100 for the Wi-Fi adapter is a total rip.

HarryEtTubMan3875d ago

Xbox 360 has BARELY sold over 10 million consoles... Playstation 1 and 2 both sold over 110 million consoles each...the race has just started... barely begun.. and I'm putting allll my money that Playstation 3 will win by 10's of millions of consoles in the end... I konw it will! hahaha

m91058263875d ago

At least I feel confident about the physical future of my PS3. I know it's not gonna brick. I can't say the same about my 360. I'm almost afraid to turn it on anymore... I know I can get it replaced if something does happen, but for that money, I shouldn't have to even worry about dealing with that...

gEnKiE3875d ago

Everything the PS3 does, the 360 can do, if I CHOOSE to buy them. HD-DVD drive...check, additional memory...check, HDMI connection....check, WI-FI...Check.

additional memory.......what?

carlman233874d ago

I just want to point something out:

The Wii is doing very well right? They've got lots of software and great sales, so their marketing people tend to say things like 'We're very pleased with the strength of our brand and its great titles'.

The Xbox 360, is also pretty damned successful in its own right, and while once in a while they'll take a dig at Sony (which I don't like), MS is usually promoting itself by pointing to their strong sales and software lineup.

For some reason, Sony fans (and the company itself; i.e. Dave Karraker) are feeling threatened, and, instead of pointing to the PS3's strengths, they have to rag on their competition.

I really wish that the companies would stick to their own 'positives'. The fact that 360s die left and right is not sufficient reason (for example) for me to buy a PS3. Point out the great games you've got coming - mocking the competition just makes you looks bad.

steriotyp3874d ago

"The only difference between the PS3 and the 360 is that Sony forces their agenda on you!!!

Everything the PS3 does, the 360 can do, if I CHOOSE to buy them. HD-DVD drive...check, additional memory...check, HDMI connection....check, WI-FI...Check. "

OK, I am as unbiased as they get when it comes to consoles, in fact, I own all three of them and love each one for different but similar reasons. You guys need to remember that a console launch takes around 1 year to gain a foothold. The 360 was the same way and lacked games for the first year with very few "killer" titles. Now that it has the edge over the competition (time on market) it will appear as the bread winner. The PS3 and Wii have been in the market for 1 year now. Let's hold off on the Wii since it is obviously in a class its own and not part of this article. The PS3 is finally starting to see the games that it should and there are only more to come. For each game the 360 gets, Sony gets a game to counter. This isn't so much true yet, but this is the case for all consoles, since the history. Haven't any of you read the article, Redmond, we have a problem (

As for cost, let's break it down for a second,

Elite - 449
Premium - 349
PS3 - 499.

For purposes of mathematics, lets use the premium for a better comparison.
Backwards Compatibility
PS3 - around 80%
360 - around 60% (p.s. not a real big deal here)

HDMI - PS3 Yes, true 1080p - 360 Yes, upconverts currently
Hard Drive - PS3 Yes, 60Gb - 360 Yes, 20Gb (both pretty good)
WiFi - PS3 Yes, integrated - 360 Yes, must buy $99 adaptor
HD movies - PS3 Yes, Blu Ray - 360 Yes, must buy HD drive $179
Online Gaming - PS3 Yes, Free -360 Yes, around $50 a year (price or no price, 360 has the lead on this one hands down)
DLC - PS3, Yes - 360, Yes
Slew of games, PS3, No, on the way - 360, yes, great lineup

final cost -
PS3 $499
360 $627 + yearly fees. Good news is, gamers get to choose what features they want, bad news, its at a price.

sak5003874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Well you are so afraid to switch on your 360 then i guess you haven't even registered cuz you have your ps3 gamer tag shown in your profile but no 360. While you wait, i hv been playing bioshock for 4-5 hours for last 3 days. Also i am d/l demos of Fifa 08, tony hawk, Juiced 2 MP, and spiderman friend or foe.. But believe me, not touching them until i finish bioshock. I'm taking it slowly as i dont want tofinish it fast.

Yeah btw my console is 1 1/2 years old now with no RROD touch wood.

Edit: Thx for your reply but i'm confused how can u play any game on 360 without an account whether it be silver or gold? And u said you gears mp is awesome so what gamertag did u use?

m91058263874d ago

Come on... my name isn't THAT hard to remember... Either way, I don't play games online anymore. I don't want to pay extra money to play games online, and I'm sick of people spamming the mic. I've staretd playing Warhawk, and it's been good to me so far. No problems getting into games, and I'm not hardcore enough to play ranked games so I don't have to worry about losing my rank. I'm playing Bioshock as well, by the way. On my PC. at 1600x1200. With full settings. I quite like it. Also... you took time to look up my gamer tag... that's dedication. Sorry, I haven't even signed into Live yet. I don't have a way to get online in my room other than wi-fi, and there's no way in hell I'm buying a $99 wi-fi attachment just to get some demos and games I bought for old systems long long ago. I get most of the demos i want on PC and my PS3, albeit a week or two later in some cases. But I'm patient. I live. Really, I'm disappointed with both my next-gen purchases so far. More my 360 though. I was so pumped by Dead Rising, but wasn't wowed as much as I'd hoped. Gears was great, but it was short. Multiplayer is awesome though. However, as soon as it comes to PC, it's going back to the store, as my rig can play it much better than the 360. And I'm finding that's the case with the majority of what's been coming to the 360. The exclusive games on my PS3 might not be earth-shattering, but I can't play them anywhere else. And when games like Uncharted, MGS, and FF come out, I know that's the only place I'll be able to play those, too. Just got Heavenly Sword, and I love it. Playing through on Hell Mode now, and the AI really shines at that difficulty. I'm not a fanboy, I'm a gamer. I own all three next-gen systems. I've owned pretty much every system since I started playing at age 3 with the NES. If my opinions and things I want from a game system differ from yours, why do I deserve to be cast out for that?

Monchichi0253874d ago

Yes, the 360 would come out more expensive...but only if we chose to buy all those featurs.

I can garuntee you that over 95% of 360 owners chose not to buy those things so it is still cheaper!

You guys are forced to pay extra for those things even if you don't want them. I much rather the option to buy if I want them.

m91058263874d ago

It's really only 3 features. Wi-fi, which is directly related to Live, so if you don't have a land line for ethernet in the room the 360 is in and you want Live, that's at least an extra $99, assuming you already have a router in your home. The other is HD movie format, which more and more people are looking for. I, personally, wanted all of the above, so my first console was a PS3. It offered the most features for the lowest price.

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FirstknighT3875d ago

Oh yes...Sony is still all talk while the 360 is all action!

Mr PS33875d ago

And you say Xbox is all action Yeah Right for about 3 hours of First Person Shooting action then KABOOM
Key word here built for the long haul while the life expectancy of the xbox is a another 18 months max
Anyway stay bitter but you won't be able to deny that the fact that histroy will repeat itself and sooner than some of you xbox boys think it wont be long before the PS3 is one again the leader in home entertainment!! And not the leader of how many games you've got for your console or how many rings of death you have

Kadajvs3875d ago

ok i'm tired of you idiotic xbox fans saying sony is all talk..hmm..lest see microsoft made their system for the current gen..there's nothing next-gen about the got scared because they were getting left behind in the next-gen stage so they released an hd-dvd player later for the 360 and yet hd-dvd isnt doing jack squat compared to blu-ray..and i would hope the 360 is doing well it's freakin been out for nearly 2years..duh..doesnt take a genius to look at that and draw common sense from what's the point in stating 360 has more games...thats like saying they're more dvds than hd-dvd and blu ray..there are about a handful games on 360 out of like 80 that are worth playing hate it or love's the truth

Scrooge3875d ago

I'm done waiting for PS3 to back up its trash talking. I've been a neutral gamer this whole time and have been saving up for a PS3. After the sh!ttiness of Lair and HS and all the hype behind them being AAA titles, I'm done. Do you call those games a quantum leap in gaming quality? That's what Sony promised in the beginning to get me all excited and it's BS! I'm sticking with the 360 where the kickass games are right NOW and will be in the future as well.

Blink3875d ago

Microsoft was probably in the works of a better xbox when they released the 360.....that was a huge mistake, just ask all the people who got the RRoD. Time and patience will always win with technology...oh and having a brain helps too.........three sweatshop made

Martini3875d ago

What Scrooge said.... so true, me and my buddies all had PS2's and for most of '06 we have been waiting for the "uber" PS3 to come out and blow us away. Then it was released and it did not blow ANYTHING away. Just wait untill this, wait untill that, wait and wait and.... we all got 360's last winter and we have been playing bad ass games on Live ever since :).

Scrooge3875d ago

Well said Martini. It's not like we're [email protected] fanboys, we just go where the quality games are. It's 360 right now, and it looks like it will be 360 in the future. As long as I have a 360 I can't justify shelling out the cash for a PS3 with meh games.

gerrard3875d ago

All talk and no action? fool! look @ warhawk and HS, as for microsoft they did'nt do a seperate hd dvd to give consumers choice, they did it to save cost, just like how they built their console. Ring of death anyone?

Scrooge3874d ago

Gerard, sony put their Blu-ray in the PS3 to use their fanbase as a tool to get the format into people's houses, no other reason. Compression techniques still work, hell, even using two damn disks still works because it's better than having to cough up an extra 200 bones just to have the game on one disk with gigs to spare. I'm sorry my friend, you've been had.

mentalboy113874d ago

i think the best time for you to pick up a PS3 is immediately after the FISCAL year of 2007, thats around march 2008. its the best time because a lot of the games we have seen coming in 2008, excluding the agency, will try to be placed into the 2007 fiscal year for better looking sales numbers of the PS3, thus there will be more games. by this time, many more games will also be available to purchase, and they are not multiplatform games. (LittleBigPlanet, SOCOM Confrontation, Killzone 2, Uncharted Drakes Fortune, ETC.)

steriotyp3874d ago

"2.3 -
After the sh!ttiness of Lair and HS and all the hype behind them being AAA titles, I'm done. Do you call those games a quantum leap in gaming quality? That's what Sony promised in the beginning to get me all excited and it's BS! "

Play Magazine 10/10
mmkay, Lair was a flop, but still fun at least for me, but Heavenly Sword is absolutely beautiful. Just look at the reviews 9.7/10 4.5/5

Don't let these discussions, especially on sites like Digg and N4G deter you from buying what you want. HS is awesome and Team Ninja has been working their butts off to bring more games of its calibur very soon (Ninja Gaiden 2 and others)

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bung tickler3875d ago

ps3 fans try this: sh1t in one hand and put the promises that sony made and kept in the other and see what hand fills up first.

fenderputty3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Instead put sh1t in one hand and broken 360's in the other. Which one filled up first?

Edit: I may be a Sony fan but, I am no fanboy. I give props where props are due. I've said the 360 has a good line up of games. I've said I'll probably buy ANOTHER one for Halo. I've said nothing but good about Bioshock. In fact, I've said this about a couple posts down. Look at 9.1. I'm merely responding to a clear flaming attempt, and a rather poor one at that. It wasn't too hard to turn it right back around.

razer3875d ago

Your arguements are getting old Sony fanboy.. You need some new material.. Let me say this again..

I own 2 360's never had a problem with either and they get a ton of use.. So your whole stupid RROD comments do not register with me. Look at how the 360 is spanking the hell out of the PS3 in recent sales people are buying the 360 even with all the bad hardware press..

Reality is calling.. pick up the phone!

ion6663875d ago

x-box is shining bright right now but i suspect that the 2 systems can prosper in unity like nintendo and sega.x-box has certain feel to their games more along the lines with pc games.a million games but only a few worth playing.their quite similar ,ps3 has a feel like a cinematic adventure.its like playing the movies.certains types of gamers like myself play both cause i'm hardcore.oh and people complaining get a job and do the same you wont be disappointed

power of Green 3875d ago

PS2 won due to price and being the lead console.

LOwl. I had to approve this to get this rubbish out of the way of the real news coming shortly.

Rubbish!(in the Caps tone in the movie Virus).

BloodySinner3875d ago

Not to mention, the PS2 had GAMES plus a ton of exclusives. That's why it won the console war of the last generation. The PS3 is totally missing this.

Rageaholic3875d ago

Because Sony had long term goals for the system itself.

Hello they supported the ps1 for a good 8 years.

Biphter3875d ago

But you obviously wern't there in the PS2's first year. It was just as bad games wise as the PS3 now, if not worse. And the Dreamcast looked like it was going to serve the PS2's ass. PS2 WASNT first to the last gen and it had naff games and was expensive ($100 more than DC). I remember having to play RRV and TTT for months before anything else good came out. I had a DC also so most of the time I played that and I honestly considered selling my PS2 back then.... then Burnout appeared and Wipeout Fusion... and gradually more and more amazing games.

BTW im an old Sega fanboy and still own my DC. Its the best console ever made IMHO, I could hate Sony for being the ones that killed that lovely machine, but since its release the PS2 has served some of the best games ever made, some even made by sony themselves! its not all MGS and FF in Sony land you know?