Kill Big Daddy with a wrench

So you're scared as hell when Big Daddy's yellow light turns red? You start running? Hiding?

Or did you ran out of big guns and weapons? Actually you'll only need a bit of electricity and a wrench... Great video from Gamevideos that shows killing a Big Daddy can be done without the heavy firework.

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TheMART3909d ago

Round peg, what a child you are. This is not in the news channel posted. It's posted in the video section.

Plus its good to see, for those playing the game. If your logic is right, after about 2 to 3 weeks after something is released, nothing may be released about it anymore.

So we should stop posting news on the PS3, on the Dreamcast for sure...
Dude your reports stink like rotten fish. Anyone else: approve please.

marionz3909d ago

i just lay lots of trap bolts and lead him into them before unleashing the heat seeking missles, anyway it doesnt matter how you take down the big daddy i just want the [email protected] texture pop up fixed! its not next gen to see the awefull pop up on signs etc, especially considering i saw a big daddy walking around with NO texture today, ps dont get the [email protected] patch it sucks BAD

Adamalicious3908d ago

Wow, I haven't seen a texture-less Big Daddy yet, but I've seen splicers and lots or corpses. I think the first nitro splicer that blew himself up in front of me blew his textures off. That was pretty confusing.

I do think there's too much texture pop-in, but it hasn't really affected the gameplay experience too much for me. I think that, when a game is this good, you see those kinds of glaring errors and it's just like WTF? How can they have such high standards with everything else and let something like that slide?

Patch would be OK with me, but I'm not holding my breath.

ShiftyLookingCow3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

its not a perfect kill, Mr Bubbles got stuck in the stairs

SmokeyMcBear3909d ago

haha.. thats perfect.. everytime i try and get into this xboxkings website, firefox totally freezes up on me and I have to ctl-alt-del it to get out. I think my comp is trying to tell me something.

Pete_Approved3909d ago

How can that happen. Mabey you should update your FF or try InternetExplorer 6 or 7!

tplarkin73909d ago

The video didn't load at all (I have Firefox 2.0). It was just a black box.

XENOCIDE3909d ago

The first time I tried to load the video my firefox froze. After I got it up n' running again, it worked tho. N' I've never had this problem before when accessing kings through firefox. Seems to be an isolated issue.

WilliamRLBaker3908d ago

its funny how you guys are only saying this because its themarts site.

I have no problems loading the site or watching the video in firefox.

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GameOn3909d ago

I really did enjoy planning out how to take a Big Daddy down, theres so many options.

Crazyglues3909d ago

Wow that was cool, Ok I will admit when I see a bid daddy coming I start running, now I have tried a few things to try and kill them but I would have never thought of using the wrench...

This video was priceless.... I'm off to play some Bi0-shock right now and this time I got something for you Big Daddy... LoL

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