Valve: New Intel Microprocessor Will Bring 'Console-Like' Experience To PC

Gabe Newell (CEO of Valve) expresses enthusiasm for a new Sandy Bridge" microprocessor created by Intel as a second-generation core i7 processor. Newell said that Valve's upcoming game Portal 2 had some aspects desing with the processor in mind, expressing how this new technology is a game changer. The new 32-nanometer microprocessor includes sophisticated built-in capabilities for 3D graphics, as opposed to previous CPU-heavy Intel chips.

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IMChampion2693d ago

Huh?...Sounds like a downgrade. I mean, I read the article and still don't get it.
Why would they want a console-like experience on the PC?

Pandamobile2693d ago

He's talking about how with the new chips, you can pretty much run most games at console-like settings without the need to run out and buy a discrete GPU.

So, you can just buy a simple system and play most games.

sobekflakmonkey2693d ago

@Pandamobile I believe its a pretty great idea, cause theres people out there who want to play pc games but dont have the cash flow or the know how when it comes to pc's, I do believe this is a benefit to the PC gaming community.

IMChampion2693d ago

Thanks Pandamobile. Seems like apart from you and a few other N4G is full of dumbasses. I stated that I didn't understand something and got negs for it, people can't get any more retarded than that.

Substance1012693d ago

While its good Sandybridge offers performance comparable to Console. I would never recommend anyone to gimp their gameplay experience. Adding a discrete graphics card which has multiple times better performance will only cost 100-150usd.

Why gimp a system which will cost the user 500-600usd. Might as well go the distance and add in a Discrete GPU. Also the fact that Graphics hardware needs driver updates very often, Nvidia and ATI have developed a very good software team over the years, something Intel will yet have to prove itself in.

DeadlyFire2692d ago

Intel isn't the only one doing this though. AMD is releasing chips like this in 2011 on their Fusion chips and K10 architecture integration.

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rroded2693d ago

i think in terms of price due to it being a smaller intergrated chip with 3d n a decent graphics processor.

ratsrock2693d ago

here is a (video) link of the conference. it was not avalible at publishing time. it is not much but Gave showed some new footage:

Sarcasm2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

You guys have to understand the tech behind the integrated Chip to understand.

If you look at the benchmarks, an i7-2600k can run some of today's modern games in medium settings at around 30-45fps. (IE: Starcraft II) WITHOUT a dedicated GPU.

So basically he's saying that it's basically around the same power as the consoles and you can make games for this new platform and be able to reach a wider audience.

Anybody buying a laptop with a Sandy Bridge CPU will have some decent gaming capabilities right off the bat.

ATi_Elite2693d ago

The Intel Sandy Bridge and AMD Bulldozer are chips that can perform on the same or better level than what consoles can do but without the need for a Discrete GPU.

Basically a Core i7 2600k could run Uncharted 3 or Gears of War 3 all by itself with NO GRAPHICS CARD. That's what was meant by console experience on the PC because when we start talking DX11 then we are not talking about console experience.

So now PC's are so powerful that they can produce a higher level of graphics than consoles without having a graphics card. Seems like Sandy Bridge or Bulldozer will play a big part in the next generation of consoles.

ComboBreaker2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Other console games, yes. But Uncharted 3? No.

imvix2693d ago

Lol lets stop pretending as if running uncharted requires a heavy amount of resources, if anything even a game like tombraider looks better then uncharted 2.

Ever cared to see all the low res texures uncharted 2 is filled with in places they dont want you looking or the fact thats its strictly a corridor game which requires very low resources.

I bet a 3-4yr old pc with a dedicated GPU of that time could easily run uncharted series in 1080p 60fps, something the PS3 will never acheive.

D3athc3ll2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

lol @ the ppl thinking pc is so far ahead! I mean u got Crysis which struggles to run smooth framerate on the latest pc tech!!!!! Ffs my bro bought a $1900 pc with a gtx 470 asus when it was still new etc, and it struggles to run crysis at high settings!!, with the aa full etc. I mean paying so much to run 1 dominant graphics game, is @[email protected]%@#%@#

Just pay $300 and play games which looks better than all pc games on ur ps3 accept crysis!

Uncharted 2 and 3
Gran Turismo 5
Killzone 2 and 3
Little Big Planet 2
God of War 3

i mean only one pc game in terms of graphics win these above - named Crysis 1 and maybe Crysis 2

Thats all u got, for u wont find these games on pc!!

Pc gaming isnt that far ahead pc nerds!! If it was, there would have been better graphics games exclusives for pc, which there is not!

oh and look @ imvix reply just under combo! U pc nerds - Tomb Raider looking better than Uncharted 2!

And no a 3-4 year old pc wont run uncharted, it couldnt even run Crysis back then!

Games like Doom 4, Rage, Skyrim, etc will look supperior to consoles games like Killzone 3 maybe, but its been a while!

If u really use pc tech and really develop just for that, consoles cant win, for they dont get upgrades along the way, but pc dont do it, so stfu and compare games that actually can be played!!!!

At times, games like God of War 3 and Uncharted 2 looks even better that Crysis, but Crysis is one good looking game, if u got $50000000000000!

Sarcasm2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )


Please stop imagining things. I love my PS3 exclusive games as much as the next, but to compared to powerful PC hardware the PC will always come out on top. And why in the world did your brother spend $1900 and end up with a GTX 470? I'm at around $1100 on my build and have a GTX580, 1TB HDD, 965BE, Aftermarket HS, 6GB DDR3, Case, OS etc. etc. He got ripped off.

And to compare PC games to consoles you have to compare apples to apples.

For example, Uncharted 2 one of the best PS3 games as far as graphics is 720p 2xMSAA V-Sync with triple buffering locked to 30fps.

While most games played on my PC I run at native 1080p with 32xCSAA or 16xQCSAA at 60 to 150 fps depending on the game.

As for a direct comparison, BFBC2 on the PS3 runs at 720p no AA at 30fps with screen tearing, while on my PC at native 1080p I get 90-145+fps with 32xCSAA.

So please stop making yourself look so foolish. The PS3 is a great machine at $300, but don't try to go comparing a ferrari to a formula one machine.

krauler2693d ago

I think D3athc3ll's point is that the price/performance margin of a PC just isn't worth it. Consoles, although inferior, are just more bang for your buck.

AKS2693d ago

@ D3athc3ll

What total BS. I posted a sub-$250 upgrade combo (GTX 460, 1000W PSU, & 2 fans; turn a budget multimedia PC into a gaming machine) from newegg not long ago on N4G that debunks this type of nonsense.

"And no a 3-4 year old pc wont run uncharted, it couldnt even run Crysis back then!"

Do you seriously think Uncharted would be more demanding to run than Crysis?! Good grief!

What a time to make an anti-PC gaming attack, too. The i5-2500K (a $215 CPU) has been overclocked to 5GHz and games like Bad Company 2 was just on sale a few days ago for $6.80 on Steam and you're talking about how PC gaming is overpriced. Do you have any idea how foolish you're making yourself look?

AKS2693d ago

@krauler No, consoles just have a lower base price, not better bang for the buck. You can get a massive performance upgrade to a PC from Best Buy for $200 to $250 of parts.

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Jacobite2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Same here, thats what I got a PS3 & 360 for.
Valve: New Intel Microprocessor Will Bring 'Console-Like' Experience To PC 'HELL NO' I say

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FantasyStar2693d ago

I guess it's okay. I just hope that devs don't start programming for Sandy Bridge and leave out traditional PowerPC setup that would otherwise end up with full-range PCs underutilized, as if console ports couldn't get any worse.

reynod2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Will be a disaster if Intel starts promoting the integrated GPU as next gen, People will be shocked when their games dont run at max settings. Might just create a bad image of PC gaming.

Personally i expect their advertisement to really hype the graphics side of the CPU, it will fool quite afew people.

ATi_Elite2693d ago

Now everybody don't go spazzing out thinking the PC is turning into a console and Video cards will no longer be needed.

This was indeed a perfect storm of misquotations and hopefully Gabe clears this up with a more informational statement.

The Pc isn't being underpowered and GPU's will always be needed. The new CPU's with a gpu on die just help increase the raw processing power of the CPU and can run graphics when a GPU is not in the system. This is important because PC's are Finally switching to EFI instead of BIOS.

EFI is just like Bios but better and has graphics and Networking so a gpu is needed hence the new chips.

CaulkSlap2693d ago

We would have just been better off if Intel and AMD demanded all prebuilt PCs to contain at least a low end dedicated graphics chip. You can still buy freaking $1000 PCs with crappy integrated graphics. I'm sure tons of people go out to buy a new computer and are completely baffled why it doesn't run games.

OpenGL2693d ago

The on-die GPU performance is actually pretty remarkable. Obviously you'll still be better off with a dedicated ATI or Nvidia GPU if you care about graphics quality and performance, but for your casual consumer that typically buys their PCs at Best Buy, this is still a huge upgrade.

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