Gorgeous indie game Braid to be released for XBLA

Braid is an odd (but completely engrossing) puzzle/action/platformer hybrid starring a guy in a business suit on a quest to save a princess in a wide variety of fantasy worlds. Most noticeable, the game sports some beautiful, hand-drawn 2D graphics that are displayed from a sorely missed and breathtaking Lode Runner-esque vantage point (translation: far away camera) that allows the player to see more of the game's lush vistas.

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nurayi3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

I've been wondering when these guys were going to finish their game. curious on how they plan to bring it to PC. they are talking about steam over on the braid site. Some games like flow are more fleshed out on the console version than the PC (thus the PC ver is free) but I wouldn't mind paying for this one at all.

kn3938d ago

I love the art style. Hopefull these types of indie games remind the big publishing houses that gaming coming first and hype has no place. It seems VGs are headed down the same path as Movies -- hype the crap out of the blockbusters that end up as "meh" movies but the indie films often are absolute works of art...

urban bohemian3938d ago

Art style remind anyone of that game?

ngg123453938d ago

Was wondering whether it will got to xbla, or psn.

creeping judas3938d ago

still after reading the headline im not sure if its going to XBLA

"this is Gorgeous indie game Braid to be released for XBLA"

are you kidding me ngg?? did you not read the article or the headline??

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