CES 2011: Sony launches Bravia HD 3D TV without glasses dedicated

A few hours after the start of the conference by the Consumer Electronics Show, CNET reveals the product SONY house in the field of high definition TV and 3D: Sony Bravia HD TV Free 3D Glasses.

In practice, it is Sony's answer to Toshiba in proposing a solution to end users HDTV with 3D technology accessible, and wears glasses.

The TV will be available by year-end 2011.

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pedrami912663d ago

But it'll be a while til' i could even afford one.

Iamback2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Sony is amazing

Led-Zeppelin2663d ago

Dang all those early adopters of 3D TV with glasses must be pissed now!

Baka-akaB2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

not really . The tech hasnt caught up yet in quality compared to glasses based tvs .
And they still enjoy 3d right now .

Besides the more consumers , the more and better 3d content available .

Thecraft19892663d ago

Led-Zeppelin no I'm loving my 3dtv. When I bought It I accepted the fact this might come along.

But the tech has got a long way to go before viewing angle is sorted out and making the image more like 3d with glasses than just bit of added depth.

newhumanbreed2663d ago


Almost every electronic company has glasses free tv's in development. Only Toshiba has released theirs so far.

DualConsoleOwner2663d ago

toshiba is not well known for TV and their glassless tv has viewing angle problem.

i would wait for glassless tv from Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Pioneer. those TV giants.

as Cnet says one that Sony is releasing late 2011 has wider viewing angle.

Boody-Bandit2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Don't you just love comments like LZ's?

Yeah because all those that purchased 3D displays that require glasses will all up and stop working once the glassless models hit retail. WOW

Comments like that are so cliche. Why take shots at early adopters that want new technology now instead of waiting, waiting, waiting and waiting, for something better to come along? I have news for you. When you walk out of a store with the latest and greatest anything? Bigger, better and more bad ass latest and greatest(er) is already in production and about to hit the store shelves before you can blink.

Let's all go back to rotary phones and dial remoteless black and white tv's while we wait for glass(less) 3D. Anyone want to play pong?

Anon19742662d ago

"The TV will be available by year-end 2011."

This video didn't say that, it said this was a cool tech demo and it's a ways off yet before we'll be seeing these. Anyone know where the "year end 2011" came from?

At any rate, I don't think people who purchased glasses based 3D need to worry. Glasses based 3D still offers superior quality and depth compared to these screens, and something that 3D glasses are able to do that these glasses-less screens is make it seem like images are coming right out at you. Glasses-less screens will always just be like looking through a window. Not even close to the same level of immersion, even with the glasses.

Microsoft_Spokesman2662d ago

Glasses based TVs are RIDICULOUS.
Pros: It's cool to have 3D for those few games and movies early, you can show off to your friends the cool tech you have.
Cons: Wearing glasses on top of your reading glasses, wearing glasses indoors, the glasses make the images much more darker, you need to recharge the glasses or get new batteries, you gotta pay $150 per pair, you can't mix and match TVs and glasses, if you have a large family or have a big party you will most likely not have enough glasses for everyone and cinema 3D still outperforms TV 3D.

To all early adopters, I know it sucks that you blew $1500 + many other fees to be an early adopter but it's comical to see them trying to defend what they bought. I'm glad I waited for the 3D and will most likely wait even few more years after the glasses free 3D TVs.

People need to be patient.

HolyOrangeCows2662d ago

At least they're keeping their options open. But I doubt that glasses-less TVs will take off as fast as the normal setup, due to expense and view-angles being so awful on glasses-less 3DTVs.

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GWAVE2663d ago

Woot woot! PS3 3D game compatible?

newhumanbreed2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I read that the new tv's make anything 3d compatible. Meaning that game developers don't have to develop in 3d.

Boody-Bandit2663d ago

simulation is never as good as the real thing.
Certain model 3D displays can simulate anything into 3D and although it adds depth it's not even close to movies and games made in 3D. It's like watching a 480p DVD upconverted to 1080p. It might look a little smoother but it's not hi def.

Peppino72663d ago

It is awesome but from what I understood, glasses was ridiculously expensive and still far away from being put into homes.

pain777pas2663d ago

Sit back and relax. No hurry really. I will get a 3D TV once they know what they are doing. This is what everyone wants. 3D without glasses. This is an investment I can get behind if you can disable the effect at will.

fr0sty2663d ago

the 3d effect isn't as good as with them, and you can disable the 3d effect on any 3dtv, glasses or not.

kneon2663d ago

Well I'm interesting in one particular feature that will be available using glasses long before it ever comes to glasses-free 3D TVs. That feature is full screen local multiplayer. Rather then using the glasses for 3D they are used to show each player their own full screen. It's much better than getting 1/4 of the screen for each player.

DarthBigE2663d ago

better start saving now. well for me at least lol

Dragon_Hiko2663d ago

Wow, simply wow. I remember reading articles only a year or so back that said we would literally have to wait 10 years for 3d without the need for glasses. All I have to say is I am continually amazed at the advancements in technology, it keeps getting better and better faster and faster!

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redwolf2663d ago

this will be worth the wait

Balt 2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Good for eyeglass owners/wearers. I don't see 3-d tv taking off for another three years tho.

silkrevolver2663d ago

...this is the 3D TV I’d buy, for sure.

Shazz2663d ago

im gna need to start saving

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