Greenberg: The secret to a great exclusive is...

CVG: Xbox product director Aaron Greenberg has revealed what he thinks makes a great console exclusive game.

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GWAVE2478d ago ShowReplies(4)
Bigpappy2478d ago

Greenberg actuall answered correctly. I agree with the answer.

DNAbro2478d ago

Why all the disagrees? The first part where he said "Here's the formula: draw players into an all-new world with epic storytelling, memorable characters, stunning graphics and polished gameplay - but also give them a reason to keep coming back to that world day after day after day." is actually pretty correct.

That doesn't mean that Microsoft is doing it though.

MAJ0R2478d ago

well it is kinda obvious what makes a good game

dragonelite2478d ago

Your doing it wrong can't support microsoft on this site if you want to keep your bubbles.

hay2477d ago

Did you realized that he said secret to a great exclusive is making a great game?

norman292477d ago

Greenberg: The secret to a great exclusive is...having some in the first place.... you can take that comment either way, i know what i meant by it

inveni02477d ago

Weird...he didn't say anything about the Kinect sensor.

I jest, I jest.

Masterchef20072477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

I agree with what he says. Its just that microsoft isnt doing that. Just my opinion

Retro_Zombie2477d ago

Well apparently no one share this secret with Xbox devs because they're hardly any exclusives to be hand in 2011. :P

TheLastGuardian2477d ago

How the hell would Greenburg know what makes a good exclusive. 360 barely has any. It's like Sony is trying so hard to please gamers with their exclusives and Microsoft isn't really trying at all. Sony can have Motion control games, hardcore games and motion controlled hardcore games. Microsoft seems to only know how to do casual games lately.

pixelsword2477d ago them oodles of cash?

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sobekflakmonkey2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

"Here's the formula: draw players into an all-new world with epic storytelling, memorable characters, stunning graphics and polished gameplay - but also give them a reason to keep coming back to that world day after day after day."

Im sorry everybody..but he better not be talking about halo 3/reach, fable 2, forza 3 or gears

Masterchef20072477d ago

i thought he was talking about uncharted 2 for a second

starchild2477d ago

Be quiet troll. You wouldn't know a good game if it smacked you in the face.

Yes, all of those games are great games.

AAACE52477d ago

You guys shouldn't be so quick to hit disagree, he did describe what it takes to make a great exclusive game.

Now if they can just get ALL of their developers...RARE... to do that, they will be OK!

I hope they don't plan on riding Halo into the sunset because they are coming out with too many Halo games too soon. And as much as I like Gears, I fear the same will happen there as well!

Masterchef20072477d ago

they should have done that with the 500 million that they spent on kinect

jellybalboa2477d ago

the secret of a great exclusive is if its on the ps3

Eyeco2477d ago

well that was amazingly fanboyish, and im a ps3 supporter, there are great exclusives on all 3 consoles, you should be more open minded about gaming.

No Way2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )


'Nuff said. Hehehehehe,
I just make joke, I kid. :)

jellybalboa2477d ago

i have all three consoles and a psp , nothing beats the exclusives coming from the ps3, my xbox gathers alot of dust, actually its on ebay as we speak

Lyr1c2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

The secret to a great xbox exclusive is:

1)5 Cups of Milk
2)2 Sticks of Hype (to really fluff it out)
3)A Pinch of Mediocrity
4)Cook for a year MAX
5)Serve On Two Plates

(Let cool for about a year before serving)

blumatt2477d ago

Very creative. Bubbles up.

Der_Kommandant2477d ago


Have a bubble for dessert

madpuppy2477d ago

when you say "two plates" do you mean the Xbox and the PC? :P

gta28002477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

If we had polls for comment of the week this one would be the top candidate right now lol.

lol +bubble


I'll wait for Lyr1c's response but I thought with that he meant on two discs...but it could also mean the supposed "exclusives" that are also on PC. I've played a lot of "xbox exclusives" on my Sony Vaio lol.

colonel1792477d ago

I also gave you a bubble.. Great comment.. and true! LOL

I also though 360 and PC

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gypsygib2477d ago

Gold Star answer! Then he gets a D for saying 2011 is ultimately all about Kinect.

Masterchef20072477d ago

at least for microsoft it is

Man_Among_Mice2477d ago

I agree with you that he answered the question correctly but the only problem is the answer is true for any franchise exclusive to one console or not... "Here's the formula: draw players into an all-new world with epic storytelling, memorable characters, stunning graphics and polished gameplay - but also give them a reason to keep coming back to that world day after day after day.

That's the key to making any great game, unless I missed something.

BulletToothtony2477d ago

must be a tough secret cause he hasn't announced one in a long time and by the looks of it, it seems like he won't be announcing one either.

the_1080p_guy2477d ago

yeah,i was thinking he was gonna say like : buying timed exclusivity,charging more for online for that exclusive game,sell the studio after the game releases etc.

He's acting a bit mature recently...

Jake11112477d ago

I hate to say this.... I have been barking how awesome the PS3 has been all these years... I had all of the best PS3 exclusives and loved them... My PS3 got the yellow rings and sony gave me the run around.. So I jumped back to the 360 250gig with kinect... I AM AMAZED!!!

I have been having a blast with Reach, Wake, BF2, GOW 2,,... I have not played anything on PS3 like reach online... Jumping on ghosts, banshees, with no slow down... I am a changed man!!!

Plus, the kinect with my niece and nephews over have been awesome!!!
Love my xbox!

jellybalboa2477d ago

wot a load of bollocks, listen you leprichaun, your a xbox fanboy your comment is an attempt of reverse psychology.

JeffGUNZ2477d ago

Or maybe he enjoys the 360?

Jesus, people here are so defensive. I have a 360 and recently just bought a PS3 for the exclusives. I still find myself coming back to play the 360 much more than the PS3. I still do prefer the 360 over the PS3. I think the dashboard is much more user friendly on the 360, the controllers is better and more comfortable on the 360 and the online experience is much more interactive on the 360. That doesn't mean I don't love my PS3 as well, but I do think the 360 is better FOR ME this generation.

If you want to try the fanboy card, then check my PSN User name

Live: CDxJeffGUNZ

Believe it or not, some people really do like and prefer the xbox. It's not the end of the world.

Nugundam00792477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

I recently got live for my 360 and I havent been on my PS3 for ages cause of it-something about party chat and having a decent amount of friends to communicate with while I play my games-I really wish my ps3 had that.

homer2477d ago

I had a similar experience, but the exact opposite. I was a huge microsoft fan and loved all of their products. Halo was so amazing, but after my 6th rrod, I just gave up. I couldn't stand losing another console, so I bought a ps3, and have never looked back. The exclusives drew me in more than the 360's. They were just of higher quality. No more overly generic character(yes Marcus Feenix, I am looking at you)in my games. I am now a proud sony fan..... see what I did there? Seriously, take your sad fake story and shove it.

Masterchef20072477d ago

My story is of one who sold his 360 for a PS3

I love consoles but when the PS3 came out i couldn't afford it so i got a 360 instead. I enjoyed the 360 for many years but i never liked paying for live cause i always had problems with it. Matchmaking takes forever, lots of lag and voice chat never worked properly. I felt terrible for paying for a service that never worked properly (at least in my house). At the end of 2010 i decided to sell my 360 and all the games a had for it to obtain a PS3 Slim move bundle and an initial collection of 10 games. One thing i noticed with PSN was that i didnt have any problems with it. My games are lag free, matchmaking is quick and i didnt have any problems with voice chat. Plus playing online for free was a huge plus for me since i already pay 76 euros for a crappy 3MB internet connection (which i will be upgrading soon to 30MB). I miss the triggers of the 360 controller but the PS3 controller feels way more comfortable in my hands than the 360 one. Plus i am in love with great PS3 exclusives such as Uncharted, Killzone. God of War, Demon Souls, Ratchet and Clank and Infamous. I was always a playstation fan at heart and i was just using the 360 to tide me over until the price dropped. It was a good experience owning a 360 (or rather 2 of them) but i moved on to a console brand that i liked more. I had a wii as well but the novelty died off quickly

starchild2477d ago

The 360 is a great console. I'm glad you enjoy it. Don't let the brainless fanatics on this site make you feel bad about owning it. I own all the consoles and I am VERY happy I do. I would hate to be a slimy, pathetic troll like most of the PS3 fanboys on this site.

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ATi_Elite2477d ago

@ Bigpappy

I agree he answered the question very well. I don't know what more you could want from an Exclusive or a good video game series period.

All those disagrees you got seem bogus.

Christopher2477d ago

I agreed with him, right up until he mentioned Fable. :p

gta28002477d ago

Why did Grenturd have to open his mouth? look what he created lol. this post is full of Microsoft jokes lol.

starchild2477d ago

Wow, nothing like a Microsoft or Xbox360 article to bring out all the trolls on N4G. Even though they are all admitted PS3 fanboys they somehow can't resist spending most their time trolling in 360 articles.

I have played plenty of great exclusives on all my consoles and that's the truth.

DundahMifflin2477d ago

I agree, except how does Forza have an epic storyline?

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SoleWiz2478d ago

The secret to a great exclusive is...having a studio to create one!

Rage_S902478d ago

that was a low blow but an awesome 1 at that lol

karl2477d ago


The secret to a great exclusive is.....

....... dont make it yourself ..


Azmacna2478d ago

i'd prefer it to have come from some other exec. i simply can't respect this guy regardless of who he works for

silkrevolver2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

...having them? Supporting your dev studios that make them? Not firing said studios when you’re short on studios as it is? Not forcing them to make kinect games? It goes on, really...