The Top 10 Myths of Video Game Optimization

Myths, tips, inside information – however you state it, dangerous blanket statements and generalizations increase the learning curve of those practicing Video Game Optimization (VGO). Optimization myths thrive on complex hardware, legacy implementations, faith, and e-mail lists...

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d3l33t3837d ago

haha whats with the picture of the leaf

Captain Tuttle3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

It was the first image that came up when Googled "Myths" lol. My daughter was screaming for her bottle and I didn't have the time to hunt for a better one.

Edit: Thanks for the new picture Admins! Much better!

sticky doja3837d ago

But I am sure at least 2 people on this site will find this article very informative.

emaddox843837d ago

I'm a programmer, not a game programmer, but I understand most of what they discuss in that article. I guess that makes me special. Now bring me my ladder so I can look down upon you impudent mortals. Muahahaha.

TnS3837d ago

Looks like then I'm the second people. :)
(Also programmer.)

Syko3837d ago

Seriously, It was a good read but I would be lying if I said I understood more than 15-20% of that. I need Tylenol, my head hurts now.

WilliamRLBaker3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Pretty much no one here will understand this, this is just simple fact.

2nd The fanboys need to recognize that alot of the optimization speak is in the realm of pc's and not consoles.

3rd if you dont understand all of it 100% do not declaim issues that this proves that ps3 games dont have to have optimized code so as not to take up so much space on blu ray.

If you keep these inmind then there is no reason for a fanboy slant to be applied to this.

As for another point that needs to be made is that Not every one whom understands this article is gonna agree with it, Eric has some valid points, Increasingly in the first myth Preoptimization is the root of all evil, I personally believe that optimizing your code for its individual functions when your able is the best route in any programming arena.

ShrimpyMcDougal3837d ago

Had Eric as a teacher a few months back, hes a great guy. He goes over everything here in his class. He always came back to one thing about optimization, "It's never intuitive". Especially when we get to the one about less code means more optimized. Writing a bunch of SIMD lines takes longer and is usually much more code than just looping through it in a for loop.

Good Guy, glad he got it on the front of Gamasutra.