GTA IV Delay Could Impact Short-Term PS3 Sales

Let's take a look at what happened on the prediction market when news of the delay hit the Web. GTA IV's stock, which predicts lifetime global sales, showed little change in price for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 before and after the announcement, and there was virtually no change in the lifetime forecast for either version. The same is true with the lifetime Xbox 360 and the PS3 hardware units. This implies that the thousands of participants on the simExchange believe that, in the long-term, GTA IV's delay will have little to no affect on hardware sales for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. The short-term is a different story.

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Spike473902d ago

Analysts, they're full of crap, who knows what games could come in the future that can knock of halo, and from the looks of it, many games that are coming out in 08 have the potential of being way better than halo.

halo is a great game, it's probably gonna drive 360 sales alot and to the point in which it will carry it on until november.

but lets remember, halo is a game, not a god, or a religion.

"oh THE 360 HAS HALO." GOOD, but there are some games that will sonn arrive that are better than halo, eventually.

I'm tired of the hype sorruounding this game, and I'm a fan of it, it's just that I don't think we should priase halo that much.

i Shank u3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

he says "in my opinion" before he says that about halo 3. just like you believe "games will soon arrive that are better than halo", he believes differently. if it wasnt for opinion we'd all be some big dumb monkeys
: O

EDIT - @ below - very true. i think people make a big deal about halo's sales because it has sold very well for a new franchise with only 2 games released. Final fantasy is going on the 13th game, not including spin offs and other final fantasy related games. same can be said about Mario, etc. if their sales didnt dwarf halo's, something would be amiss, because those series are much older and have many more games released

MalcomGrasley3902d ago

Halo 3 is a relatively minor franchise compared to Sony and Nintendo's big titles.

The Halo games are in the 5-7 million range. While games like Final Fantasy,Mario, Gran Turismo are in the 10-15 million range.

Neither of the two Halo games are even in the top 20 all time best sellers for console games. Microsoft doesn't really have any other first party titles of significant sales so Halo tends to get massively overemphasized.

Spike473902d ago

the funny part is when he said halo 3 will be better than any ps3 first party exclsuives ever.

keyword: ever.

I don't know why there are analysts, all they do is talk crap.

should think of not being biased before talking so much shnit..

BloodySinner3902d ago

And if that becomes reality, what will you say? Keyword: IF.

Premonition3902d ago

To bad its the last Halo besides Halo RTS. So when PS3 gets more games in the long run the 360 might not last long Halo 3 wont last forever in this next gen race bigger and better things will be out later on.

i Shank u3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

last halo in the trilogy, most likely not the last halo. theres a peter jackson halo project in development and seems logical a repquel or something else would be made

EDIT - nasim is the disagree/bubble popping bot

eLiNeS3902d ago

Who would buy GTA IV for the PS3 when you get so much more for the Xbox 360!!!

ud3902d ago

don't forget that to get the "so much more" you need to pay, as you have to do for everything on this console it seems.

eLiNeS3902d ago

but at least we have the choice, right?

One thing, we don't have to pay for the achievements that get you involved more in the game, giving you goals to reach and experience the game in a way you never thought possible before. Only an Xbox 360 gamer would know what that's like.

I suggest you "Jump In" and experience it on your own. You will thanks me later, trust me.

synetic3902d ago

ME my xbox 360 dont have hdmi and i dont like to play games without hdmi .

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