Roundup: Frankenreview, Heavenly Sword

Lair took a really bad beating last week, breaking the hearts of PS3 fanboys around the world. But it would be OK because there was another Chosen One that Sony had been flaunting for months: Ninja Theory's Heavenly Sword. Kotaku nicknamed it Goddess of War during E306, but even with the its chainsword-driven action, the game seems to have blossomed into its own entity at this point-for the good or the bad.

So hit the jump for Kotaku's Frankenreview: the one review that will dictate whether or not the PS3 is good for something other than big screen porn. That is, if you don't consider a beautiful redhead kicking royal ass in skimpy clothing to be some logical extension of pornography.

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the worst3743d ago

glad i didnt listen 2 reviews
because lair is a great game so far

DiLeCtioN3743d ago

lair is great gave it a go on my mate's psp through remote play and am lookig forward to heavenly sword...btw is it out in europe cus i aint seen it.

resistance1003743d ago

Its out tomorow in UK, however i got my copy today and loving it ^_^

lonestarmt3743d ago

got it today at gamestop!! Your jaw will drop on what they did with this game. The fighting is good, but you mostly want to play it to find out what happens next. The opening scenes will rock you!!

PimpHandHappy3743d ago

waiting on a couple buddy's to stop by to play this movie with me.


ash_divine3743d ago

was that a joke because you sound like a total douche. Well atleast thats better than the saying the ps3 has no games.

Baba19063743d ago

6 days till europe (UK not included) gets this game. cant wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.