Morgan Webb - FHM Photo Session video

Morgan Webb, the gaming goddess, poses in bikini in this photo session video for FHM.

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JsonHenry3742d ago

She is a total hottie, and not just because she is geek like me either. But Olivia Munn is the real super hottie of G$

Twizlex3742d ago

Jeez, who approved this "news"? The November issue of FHM that Morgan Webb was in came out in freaking 2004!!! THREE YEARS AGO, PEOPLE!!!!! This might be news to a lot of you NOW since three years ago you probably weren't even interested in girls yet, but seriously... get with it.

FreedomReign3742d ago

But Munn, and Keighly have you beat hands down.

I don't find the idea of a chick tea-bagging me in Halo all that appealing.

ShiftyLookingCow3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

methinks she is very average. Good that she actually plays though. The one thing I hate about her is her expressions, they get very annoying overtime. Check some videos from if you don't believe me. As for gaming goddess? thats a load of bull. The only persons who deserve titles like that because there isn't any other way to describe them are people like Shigeru Miyamoto, John Carmack and a few others.

[edit] haha, obvious I mean "gods"

ryanjtravis3742d ago

Hehehe... for some reason the words "gaming goddess" and "John Carmack" do not equate in my mind.

the worst3742d ago

she could pass for china doll sister

Da Ghostdog3742d ago

That's cold blooded, lol!!! But think about it, a woman that loves video games much as you do. God bless America!!

EZCheez3742d ago

That's what she's got.

And the only thing worse than her face is her voice. I don't know who sounds more annoying. Adam Sessler or Morgan Webb.

I liked X-Play a lot more when all you ever saw were the games and all you ever heard was Adam Sessler's voice. For some reason it was less annoying then.

Delive3742d ago

The lack of curves make her look awkward. Please Morgan, put your clothes back on and leave me with what I THOUGHT you look like under those clothes.

Plus, the Bill Cowher Jaw is not Sexy.

Balance3742d ago

not bad but i agree with the aveage statement.. but average that also plays games,,, that makes her a keeper.

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The story is too old to be commented.