Square Enix endorses Xbox 360 for the first time

Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 games console got a big boost on Wednesday when Square Enix Co. Ltd., the last major Japanese games developer not to have embraced the console, said it would release a title on the platform.

The game, called "Infinite Undiscovery," was given a brief preview at a Tokyo news conference but few details of the role-playing game were announced. Square Enix didn't share a release date.

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BlazinMethod3903d ago

Awesome News, I Love Square Enix I hope this boosts Xbox 360 Sales in Japan.

sticky doja3903d ago

I have loved Square forever, they introduced me to RPG's and got me hooked with Final Fantasy 3 (6) on SNES. I hope its a really good game.

hazeblaze3903d ago

Yea, but SE is not the DEVELOPER of the game... they're merely publishing it in Japan. Microsft probably realized it was the only way it would sale or attract attention over there. I'm betting Microsoft will still publish in NA though... b/c obviusly we have no bias against buying their games.

Tri Ace is still a VERY capable developer though... my 2nd favorite video game to date is Star Ocean on the psone! So this will probably be a good game. In the meantime, I'm still looking forward to Star Ocean 4 more than this one though.

lonestarmt3903d ago

I don't see how this is endorsing the 360. Ninja gaiden sigma was on the ps3, but no one said team ninja was endorsing the ps3. I guess epic is now endorsing the ps3 because unreal 3, I guess 360 users should fear gears of war being multiplatform? lol

7ero H3LL3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

(This game is now under the protection MGS) thats why its also under games for windows.

tonsoffun3903d ago

MS owns the ip to that game and the name, not the game universe. So, theoretically there could be game for another platform set in the gears universe, but it could not feature any named characters or have the title gears of war.

The same thing is for MGS, while the exclusivity of MSG4 is without doubt, there can be games set in that universe: hence MSG online - I guarantee it will come to the 360.

Mikelarry3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

is good news seems like microsoft relentless and humble attitude towards japan is paying off. well the more japanese developers the merrier i say. microsoft should please not get big headed now and screw this up.

ShiftyLookingCow3903d ago

its very humble to get a group of cheerleaders for their press conference

sticky doja3903d ago

I thought it was a nice jesture to invite 360 fans to the preconfrence show.

ShiftyLookingCow3903d ago

well the impression you get from reading live blogging from the event is that they are paid.

jackdoe3903d ago

Lol. Anoop really hated those 360 fan cheerleaders.

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therealwillie3903d ago

this may be two days old but it has been missed and it is interesting news. cheers to the guys who approved

Marceles3903d ago

Sigh*..developed by tri-ace, published by square/MS studios. It's just like project sylpheed was not being actually made by square. They're not really "endorsing" the 360 yet since they square itself hasn't made a game for the 360 other than FFXI. But it's good that Square is at least stamping their name on to some of these 360 rpgs, and tri-ace developed star ocean which is a great rpg.

fopums3903d ago

yuppers Square is endorsing the game, not developing it, so big whoop.

Im not stateing anything about the games quality, I dont know tri-ace's work, but they simply need square to front the money.

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The story is too old to be commented.