PS3: Video Download Service Info, PlayStation Network, & Blu-ray Usage

Sony's PlayStation 3 will follow Microsoft's Xbox 360 into the video market, but will blaze its own distinct path.

Tretton won't say just what Sony's business strategy will be to chase Xbox. However, he laid out broad preliminary plans supporting recent indications made by Sony chairman Howard Stringer that the PS3 home gaming console and the PlayStation Portable will be key platforms in a companywide plan to offer video downloads of entertainment content.

"Everybody in the world has rightly pointed out that Sony is uniquely positioned with having a great heritage in hardware, and a great heritage in software -- they own a music business, they own a successful movie studio and a successful gaming division," he said. "So just based on our internal resources alone we should be able to take advantage of synergies. We're working closely together to come up with a service that we think will be of benefit to the consumer as well as not just the PlayStation brand but potentially across all Sony properties."

Tretton had this to say about blu-ray:
"I think we play an every greater role this time around because DVD was established at the time of the PlayStation 2, but here with the PlayStation 3, we're really at the pioneer end of helping to establish the Blu-ray platform."

Noting that 83% of PS3 owners have viewed a Blu-ray movie with their console and 73% have purchased a Blu-ray movie, Tretton said, "People are buying the PlayStation 3 primarily for gaming, but they are buying, renting and watching Blu-ray movies on them as well."

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Wozzer3935d ago

Come on Bluray!!! - The superior format

cuco333935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

It's the same as HD DVD, but with more disk space (which for movies isn't needed) and costs more (player and manufacturing wise). They both run the VC-1 codec and hence, same video and audio so long as the studio packs the same movie on both formats with the same exact content.

Now watch as I get constant disagrees from the bluboys...

edit: To below. When it comes to MOVIES, disk space difference between the two is irrelevant meaning the studios have extra space they won't fill up unless they want to bastardize the content with trailers, infomercials and other useless garbage we all fast forward through

barom3935d ago

lol so your saying they're both the same but blu ray has more space. and yet it isn't the superior format?

Know that like DVD disc they won't necessarily be used ONLY for movies. It may be used for gaming, backup and of course movies among others.

And FYI it's cheaper to buy blu ray discs in terms of how much space we get.

SJL4803935d ago

It's NOT superior...
It's the same as HD DVD, but with more disk space

Lets think about that for a minute...

BlazinEurasian3935d ago

Bluray has higher bitrate but when HD-DVD gets three layers it is slightly larger than BD. Hopefully BD will be able to counter with its own 3 layered design. However, the sh*tty thing about that, is that the devices would probably require a firmware update (not all BD players have interenet connectivity and could not therefore update their firmware easily).
I fully supported bluray until I heard that HD-DVD increased its storage size and that the improved HD-DVD disks can be playable on existing Hd-DVD players because they all require internet connectivity for firmware upgrades.

DJ3935d ago

The real problem is that all HD-DVD hardware on the market cannot physically read triple-layer HD-DVD discs. Blu-ray players on the market however Can read more than two layers on a disc through firmware updates; no need to purchase new hardware.

mithril3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

yes Blue-Ray can bu update by any film with firmware on blue-ray film.
And a blue-ray 8 layer is on test now with 200Gb capacity

cuco333935d ago

BD does have a higher bit rate. Why? Simple. When BD was launched it used the old tried & true MPEG-2 codec which required the higher bitrate. VC-1 is more advanced and as long as you have a minumim bitrate of about 18mbit/s you're good. HD DVD does that, likewise BD does that as well so bitrate issue is not an issue, just marketing spin by the BDA group.

DJ, you are wrong my fanboy friend. It's been confirmed already that TL51 HD disks CAN read in all current and new HD DVD players. This is unlike your BD's 1.1 profile mess that the BDA has gotten themselves into where all current (sans PS3) BD players (& new ones being released Q4!) are BD1.0 profile and will have issues trying to use the features in 1.1. Proof is in DENON's own words "But there is a possibility — and this is maybe not so public knowledge — that when these discs come out that fit this new profile, they may not work properly with the Profile 1.0 players." HD DVD forum will only fully approve TL51 disks if and only if they play on all players. But for movies, WHO NEEDS 50GB!?!?! LET ALONE 200GB?!?!?! It's a pissing contest. Nothing more. You bluboys seriously have to start making sense and logic with what you say.

I'm neutral on the format btw and have embraced HD DVD first (love it!). I'm holding out on getting a PS3 until I hear word that BD1.1 (as rumored) will in fact play with the PS3 and likewise, I want to hear if it's also upgradeable to 2.0 profile. No other player interests me because all will be obsolete soon as BD1.1 is released. Embrace both because this 'war' is going to go on for a long time.

For the record, I don't listen to anything the Sony camp has to say. It's all rubbish. What strikes me is Sony's marketing ploy on the need for higher capacity disks for gaming (I'll agree to a point, developers aren't ready for the extra space but this might change come MGS4 and other games exclusive to PS3 and/or multi-disk for 360. I don't mind changing disks though) and movies (NOT needed! 25-30gb is plenty enough), yet are making an obvious stride for DLC which the PS3boys preached against the 360 for doing so. I'm for it all though, renting HD movies on the 360 is great. 5 minutes into the download and voila you are watching an HD rental without the use of an HD capable player and ever leaving the house.

PimpHandHappy3935d ago

these are the guys i want to hear from. Not some guy on his own blog telling everyone why this or that sucks



I got HS and im just waiting on a few friends to come over and watch this movie.


THE_JUDGE3935d ago

is an old article. I have read this around the time of E3. I hope they start following thru soon.

Rageaholic3935d ago

PS2 did have influence on growth of the DVD market.

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