Pre-TGS 2007: Ninja Gaiden 2 Not Playable, Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword Playable

Well consider IGN disappointed. Following a glimpse at some of the most intense action they have ever seen during Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden 2 live gameplay demonstration at Microsoft's pre Tokyo Game Show press conference a couple of days back, IGN have just learned that the game won't be playable at the show.

Although Ninja Gaiden 2 will miss out, Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword for the DS will have a playable build.

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jackdoe3843d ago

I'm actually surprised. Itagaki had like multiple stages complete judging from his TGS presentation, so I don't get why it won't be playable. Ninja Gaiden Sword is gonna be pretty cool though, and I'll probably get it for my DS.

XLiveGamer3843d ago

> "Our goal with Ninja Gaiden 2 is to create the world's premier action game, just as DOA4 was the premier fighting game when it was released at the 360's launch and remains so today," Itagaki said through a translator. "Please enjoy the world's best action game running on the world's most powerful machine, Xbox 360." <

jackdoe3843d ago

What does that have to do with the article?

power of Green 3843d ago

"So if you’re working on a game like Ninja Gaiden 2, where it’s really important that enemies are smart and challenging, then we might use up to two threads on AI".

"Tomonobu Itagaki: Yeah, we have seen the PlayStation 3 hardware and we’re studying it. We’re messing around with it right now. I think it’s a good machine. But I think the most important thing is for people to have good games that they want to play on good hardware".