The Halo 3 Hoodie

Kotaku: Bungie folks handed me one of these hoodies, made exclusively, I'm told, for the writers who attended the Halo 3 review event, as I left their office for the airport yesterday. On the front is an emblem with the letters UNSC and on the back is a giant image showing the outlines of a bunch of Halo 3 weapons. Pretty cool. I love the obscure stuff.

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matypt3874d ago

Halo 3s gonna be good but u'd have to be pretty sad to wear that

DiLeCtioN3874d ago

you might be wrong there...if people can camp out for a game and console why wouldnt they wear a halo hoodie.

Zap Bran4gin3874d ago

dude i would buy that.
its awsome.

its not like it says berd on it.
people will think its awsome.

socomnick3873d ago

I want a metal halo hoodie .