Sony offers new downloads in U.S. PS3 Store update

Sony Corp. on Thurs. released new offerings at the Playstation Store, including new downloadable games, demos, trailers, videos, and wallpapers.

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AliC3903d ago

Better update that EU again, but at least we had some demos this week.

Rama262853902d ago

Has anyone noticed that neither this story link nor the official Playsation blog mention a little video titled "Lair: Mastering The Beast" video with a description of "Learn how to turn, dive and attack with your ferocious flying dragon using the SIXAXIS"? Wonder why they wouldn't want to make that public? Quite funny if you ask me :D

EZCheez3902d ago

That video and the reviewer's guide seem like a low blow to the average consumer calling us idiots for not knowing how to use what we paid for. There is so much more wrong with that game than just the controls.

jackdoe3902d ago

Sony should just go ahead and release the Lair demo and let the general public test it out for themselves.

masterg3902d ago

Nice US release.

Seems I always have to go to my US account on Thursdays instead of my regular EU account.

achira3902d ago

this update is awesome! 3 demos, wow, good work sony.

skynidas3902d ago

actually there are 5 new demos tony hawk proving ground, NHL 08, Harry Potter, Pixeljunk Racers and FIFA 08.

EZCheez3902d ago

I'm gonna get spoiled if they keep them coming like this. Last week there were three demos and I was astounded. Five is just over the top. Should I expect this from now on?

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The story is too old to be commented.