Racing For The Gold! "Project Gotham Racing 4" Goes Gold

Microsoft Game Studios and Bizarre Creations today announced that “Project Gotham Racing 4” (“PGR 4”), the latest installment of the best-selling and award-winning racing franchise, has been released to manufacturing. The team also confirmed that the game’s new web site is up and running. Fans can now visit for all the latest news, features and updates from the “PGR” universe and the team at Bizarre.

Set to redefine the experience “PGR” fans have come to know and love, “PGR 4” is set to race onto store shelves on 12th October. Featuring a unique, exciting racing experience where dramatic racing action is captured in breathtaking cinematic style, “PGR 4” is sure to capture the attention of racing fans everywhere. The all new addition of motorcycles adds a new dimension to the “PGR” driving experience by allowing gamers to compete and pull off amazing driving maneuvers not possible on four wheels.

The official “PGR 4” web site at contains the most recent news and updates in the Project Gotham universe. Currently, the web site is the home to the game’s full robust vehicles list, including models from the world’s top car and motorcycle manufacturers, as well as the official Achievements list. The site will be continually updated to give fans a true home base with all the “PGR 4” information and content they’re looking for.

From the inspired minds at Bizarre Creations, “PGR 4” offers franchise fans and new players alike exciting new ways to race over Xbox LIVE. “PGR 4” allows drivers to build a global racing community through team-oriented gameplay while making it easy to find their favorite races, friends, ghosts, replays or photos. Additional improvements to the unique Kudos rewards system provides gamers with more incentives to show off their distinctive driving styles including the ability to purchase new vehicles, game modes, gamerpics and more at the “PGR” Shop. “PGR 4” will be available at retailers nationwide on 12th October.

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Balance3871d ago

damn it MS, releasing all these good games, when i am supposed to find the time to play both halo3 and pgr4 and then i only have a few weeks to ace combat 6

ArmrdChaos3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Call of Duty 4, Mass Effect, and Assassin's Creed...that is one of the reasons I am not so worried about the timed exclusives (UT3 & Haze). There is just A LOT of quality games to buy and play in the next few months. Gift cards this Xmas for me.

Tone3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

This is a must buy for me :)

I thought the US was getting the game on the 2nd.. 10 days before Europe and the UK.

Still, being from the UK.. its cool that no one will get a head start in the game :)

The choice for me at the moment is either this or halo 3, i cannot afford both due to household bills etc, and money for the pub :P

I am leaning more towards this 1st then halo 3 afterwards (please dont go mental at me halo fans) i prefer my racing games over FPS games. But halo 3 will be mine by the end of next month, or sooner :D

creeping judas3870d ago

on the offical website, it does say Oct 2nd for north america, and october 12th for europe. so you were right!!

TheMART3871d ago

Guess it's not delayed then huh? What was that fals Sony defence force message again?

Looking good by the way those screenshots on Gamesyde!

Fan Tastic3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

they wanted. Day and night.

A shame the pics released are so touched up compared to how it looks while playing. Can't blame them I guess as developers have been doing it for ages. Halo, GT games, etc.

bung tickler3870d ago

why are you posting here? jealous you cant play this game?


Fan Tastic3870d ago

I post the truth, simple as that. Stop being a bitter MS b!tch who doesn't like the truth. Not everybody here gives every 360 game a 10/10. Some of us are objective. Unfortunately you'll have to look that word up as it is beyond your understanding being a stupid sheep and all.

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