Why Won't Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo Let us Have Adults Only Rated Games?

Destructoids JesusXP writes :

"Everyone has read about Manhunt 2 being given an Adults Only rating, essentially fu**ing Take 2 over, and the potential millions salivating for its release. Normally one would assume that this would not produce a problem, until you understood that this meant we would never see it. Microsoft, Sony, and Ninty all prevent Adults Only titles from being released on their respective consoles. WTF!? So now we have a toned down - less violent version of Manhunt 2.. oh - and the leaked PS2 full violence version."

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TriggerHappy3930d ago

Thank You for this article. Yes Why won't they Let Publishers release A.O rated games ?

ChaosKnight3930d ago

^^ Cuz some retailers don't want to have anything to do with AO rated games =P I too wish for some good AO rated games tho.

Rockstar3930d ago

You would likely not find A.O. games in brick and mortar stores.

Online ordering only is my guess.

I'm okay with that but my guess is more money would be lost than made.
Also, there is the companies rep to think about too.

Siesser3930d ago

Blame the Almighty Wal-Mart

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The story is too old to be commented.