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Syko3872d ago

The thing that kills me about the Wii is, the best games I have seen on it have ALL been Japanese imports. They seem to be going in a much less kiddy looking direction for their Wii games. It's just a damn shame the only one I could play was Bleach because it is the only one with English subtitles in the menus.

The cutsey type games they release over here just don't do it for me.

@Cat, Congrats on your first story. You're all growed up now =)

Cat3872d ago

now i just need to get rid of that blasted "trainee" status. it's tough enough getting credibility as a girl gamer without sounding like i'm wearing pigtails and riding a tricycle!

ShadoWulf3872d ago

Wow... that looked beautiful. Sure, when it started showing in-game footage when you play as the kids it looked like a bad Disney movie, but still I'll play it anyway. The cinematic scenes are very nice.

djt233872d ago

Superb!!!! cool mannn
lol lol lol
it was a really good Trailer

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