Current Japanese Best Sellers

New PS2 releases are the highlight of a successful week for Sony-platform software in the latest Japanese chart. Another Century's Episode 3: The Final sold 186,000 copies in its first week to take the No1 spot, while Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City stories debuted at No7. The only other new entry in the top ten for the week ended September 9 was Haro Ichiza Gundam Mahjong on DS, which made No6.

Four PlayStation-platform and six Nintendo-platform titles made the top ten, with sales of PS2 and PS3 games in the top ten doubling those of Wii and DS titles.

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XxZxX3907d ago

Wow sony is coming back?

SmokeyMcBear3907d ago

in the immortal words of ll cool j.. "Don't call it a come back.. i've been here for years"

On another note.. My housekeeping diary??? what the hell is that.

alaaji3907d ago

what's with "My Housekeeping Diary" and why is it #8 on that list? I'll never understand Japanese tastes and they probably never understand American's tastes neither.

djt233907d ago

the ds control that list to me

Baba19063907d ago

ds is just to crazy. unbelievable. they sell like chocolate cakes with gold hidden in them.