Blue Dragon - Here's Why It Hasn't Helped 360 in Japan

The 360 is not doing very well in Japan, let's put it like that. The system needs something that will sell. So Microsoft turned to the creator of some rather famous RPGs to make some more RPGs for them, and this is his first.

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cloud3603721d ago

This game is an rpg so it has to be good . but it aint selling at all 150,000 meh on the 360.

could this be on PS3 or did MS pay for this game to get developed for 360

Bloodmask3721d ago

realize that there are roughly only a little less than 500,000 360's sold in Japan. So for a game to sell 150,000 copies is actually really good. That means almost 1/3 of the entire install base bought the game.

tehcellownu3721d ago

Its still low..and it barely sold here in NA...Blue Dragon would sell better if it is on the PS3 but it wont cuz its published by micrsoft..Enternal SOnata is comin to the more sales for namco..

chasegamez3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

i think this game should port 2 the ps3
(reply) i didnt know that
o well what a waste of game

TriggerHappy3721d ago

Forget the port. The game is published by Microsoft so it aint happening.

PS360WII3721d ago

yea it's hasn't helped in Japan because HE didn't like the game... yeah that's makes sense

lonestarmt3721d ago

you just have to look at what type of people buy a 360, most of them don't like JRPGs. If they released it on the ps3, its not doubt it would have done loads better. Now its simply getting overlooked.

Capt CHAOS3721d ago

Don't expect to release one game that people in Japan care about and expect to take the market by storm. Where are the others?

And.. How many 360s would have been sold in that market if it WASN'T for this game?

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The story is too old to be commented.