EU PlayStation Store Updated 13/09/07

EU PlayStation Store has been updated with the following:

Fifa 08 demo (despite EA's anouncment earlier)
Ninja Gaiden Sigma Weapon Master
MotorStorm vehicle pack rally car & schoolbus)
NBA Live 08 demo
Heavenly Sword anime pt.5 & making of pt. 4
Cocoreccho trailer

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marcindpol3719d ago

where the hell is FIFA08 demo???????!!!
cant see it!

urban bohemian3719d ago

What did everyone think of the trailer for 'The Invasion' last week?

jromao3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Sorry about my words, but FIFA 08 don't shows nothing as they announced as GREAT, the gameplay is VERY POOR, just pretty, nothing else, even cameras aren't nice.

And Fifa demo is only avaiable in UK Store (for europe).

rev203719d ago

fifa is terrible dont waste your time downloading it seriously haha.

same old fifa crap :(

popup3719d ago

At least it runs pretty smooth for a change. Still feels very botched together and second hand though.

For the real laugh though, try the Harry Potter demo, its been programmed in MS Paint.

rev203719d ago

Smooth until you get a yellow card or the players score and your shown the close up celebrations looks like its running at about 15 fps then serious slowdown lol.

its awful

popup3719d ago

Thats about it Rev although if you continuously blink during the slowdowns, you hardly notice it :)

Infernus3719d ago

...has always been the true football game. It plays much more realistically than Fifa. I moved away from Fifa two years ago and have never regretted it. It's PES for me each year now. I always download the patches for the licensing so that's never a problem and then PES is just perfect.

PES is gameplay. FIFA is visuals.

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monkey6023719d ago

Fifa and NBA aren't there for me. Instead i got Harry Potter. Anyone got any idea what's going on?

rev203719d ago

Its only the uk that have the fifa demo in europe i think confirmed so far, if your from the uk then no idea lol

Kees3719d ago

i live in holland and also have the FIFA 08 and NBAlive demo...but no harry potter demo for me I believe...

about FIFA 08 ( demo ): it is poor ( imo )...

Kaze883719d ago

EU ps store updates have sucked really bad recently. i just hope that usa ps store will have a good update AGAIN. Luckily i got an usa account too ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.