Could This Be The Best Gaming Headset Of CES?

Kotaku: The Consumer Electronics Show kicks off tomorrow, and there Turtle Beach will be showing off the new Ear Force PX5 Programmable Wireless Surround Sound Headset, among other things. Is this Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 headset really worth $250?

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MariaHelFutura2663d ago

Those look sick. But $250 for a headset....sorry. $150 would be pushin it.

zootang2663d ago

Rather spend that kind of money on a replacement wheel.

MariaHelFutura2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

3DS or about 5 new games sounds better aswell.

The_Count2663d ago

Looks comfy but not the best looking headset on the market either.

ASSASSYN 36o2663d ago

It obviously is not aimed at you. It is for people whom are serious about gaming and want the advantage of clear precision sound.

Boody-Bandit2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Then those people would be better off picking up a mixer amp from astro or using a cheap receiver and a stand alone pair of headphones from AKG, Denon, Beyerdynamics, Sennhesier, Ultrasone, Audio Techinca, etc...

Slap a cheap Zalman mic and you have 5x the audio quality for roughly the same price. Even if you spend more it is still worth it to those that are very serious about good sound while gaming.

Turtle Beach headsets and very cheaply made. The plastic is so thin I feel like I could break them by squeezing. I tried them out at Best Buy on 360 Kiosk. The sound was so thin but the bass was decent. Overall they are extremely over priced for their sound stage.

ASSASSYN 36o2663d ago

I agree. They are cheap in plastic. Sound quality is good though. I don't think they as good as Astros. I have a two friends with turtles and one had his break on the plastic. And I have read numerous reviews that pointed out issues with the plastic.

Dart892663d ago

Why buy these i use a regular bluetooth and i can hear fine.

SonyNGP2663d ago

Because it's a wireless headset for both game and voice audio?

christheredhead2663d ago

bluetooth works perfectly fine for chatting in multiplayer but those headsets offer way more. you have game audio and chat audio through one headset, you can adjust the volume for a multitude of things like bass, chat volume, chat enhancment, game enhcnament, turn your mic on/off and you get a fuller surround sound which is also good for playing single player. its a world of difference but yah if your just looking to chat stick with the bluetooth as it works great.

SuperStrokey11232663d ago

Read the article and see, there are lots of features in these.

ASSASSYN 36o2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

When you sneak up to someone multiple times and they always turn to engage you. It is more likely than not they have a headset and heard you coming a mile away. You can not hear footsteps with A blu tooth like you can with a headset. It gives a gamer an early warning to threats with sound. I have an astro a40/mixamp. And it works perfectly.

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SuperStrokey11232663d ago

Now before everyone freaks out at the price, this is a niche product and not aimed at everyone...

user8586212663d ago

its awesome headset to have for late night gaming when u cant crank up audio cuz people sleeping ¬_¬

xxsnowmanxx2663d ago

I just got the Tritton AX Pro for my PS3... makes me not even want to turn on my surround sound anymore when playing battlefield vietnam because you notice the subtle things and footsteps never sounded so clear through a headset =)

itsralf2663d ago

I just got the TB Ear Force DPX21 a few days ago, and I like it pretty well. Other than the monster cord attached to it, and the fact that the volume control is on the far end of the cord as opposed to being with the rest of the volume controls at the near the actual headset.

I may take it back and get a PSP for about the same price. I don't feel like they were worth what I paid. Maybe worth $100 tops, and $130 for wireless.

SuperStrokey11232663d ago

I wouldnt get a PSP right now either with the looming PSP2 likely goign to announced in the next few months.

itsralf2663d ago

I won't be able to afford a PSP2. I work in a pizza restaurant.

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