Confirmed: Microsoft planning 'YouTube for games'

XNA boss Chris Satchell confirms plans for 'distribution medium' allowing public game sharing. Develop reports that general manager of Microsoft's game developer group Satchell has revealed that Microsoft is working towards a service where users can publicly display and share XNA games.

The concept of a 'XNA YouTube', where users could share XNA-developed games for PCs and Xbox Live, has long been rumoured and talked about when discussing Microsoft's programming framework.

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Feihc Retsam3934d ago

With all of the great independant content on the internet (Line Rider anyone?)
An open forum for games is bound to yield some very creative games

SF49er4083934d ago

they got a plan, i cant wait to see what theyre gonna add next. more connectivity with internet and windows is what i want. you tube for games sounds awesome, but give me a fu**in internet explorer on my tv already.

kewlkat0073934d ago

-Xbox 360 titles
-Windows Games initiative
-XNA + youTUBE
-MEDIA CENTER(integration)
-SURFACE TOUCH(technology)

and they Say MS is not trying to push much...

I'm happy to be an Xbox 360 owner, with the titles coming out. I think this new idea will catch on, having indie devs develop games and being able to share them and posting videos. Sweeet Idea.

sanderFVCKINcohen3934d ago

This is a better contribution to the industry than what any other company(ex SONY) has done.

Microsoft is really serious about this industry, providing chances of innovation for the future, for gamers & developers.

Bubble Buddy3934d ago

yeah very serious that explains why the hardware is soo great o_0, i know 5 friends who's 360 had problems and one friend had to wait weeks for sending in his 360 for a refurbished one. so yeah is microsoft really taking it seriously? or just the quick cash