Remembering Why He Loves His Xbox 360

A humorous article about an Xbox 360 owner who strayed away to the sites and delights of the Playstaion 3 and Wii, and what it took for the old girl to win him back.

"I need to apologize to you. I've been unfaithful lately. I was tempted by the alluring look and sex appeal of your younger, more expensive rival the PS3. I gave into the come-hither look of that little hand waving minx that is the Wii. They were new, they were hot. You were my companion for 18 months and I was bored, restless and looking for a little action. It seemed like you weren't that into me this summer so my mind wandered, my fingers strayed."

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ASSASSYN 36o3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

The wii is a scooter-It is all fun all day until your friends see you riding it. And it sucks to take your girl out and park next to a Fully loaded Dodge Charger SRT 8 and try to look cool getting off your two wheeled whip with your girl in tow.

The playstation 3 is a Farrari enzo-It has the sleek lines and attractive pose with a firecracker engine that promises what you want if you WaIt. But, why did that tricked out nissan z with half the cost is able to blow past you anytime any place.

The Xbox 360 is a warthog-It can pump out the power on the straight and smooth, rough and steep with hardly any effort but breaks down when going cross country in hot environments. It has alot of fuel and a beast of an engine capable of taking plasma shots pointblank from haters and continue hauling a55 creating envy in it's wake.

Trick Nolte3878d ago

Obvious MS Fanboyism no doubt but the way he finessed it was clever, funny, and amusing. Good one Azeon, that was a nice read.

G_CodeMonkey3878d ago

"For the record the author has all three Next gen consoles plus a PSP and DS. He isn’t a fanboy of any platorm or company because a good game is a good game no matter who his momma is." gCM

Azeon3878d ago

I thought it was funny too Dark. I was laughing at all the in-game references turned into an almost gamer-porn like love letter. Far better than the normal PS3 Sux Xbox is lAmE kind of tripe you read all the time.

redsymphony3878d ago

gt real news GARBAGE!!!!!!!

redsymphony3878d ago

get real news GARBAGE!!!!!!!

Azeon3878d ago

Um pardon my naivety but it was labeled as an article and opinion pieces are included in that. It was a funny story. It is news in the sense that it discusses the spate of new games for the 360 that are clearly outshining most of the products on the other consoles at the moment. It was also well written. I've read enough other stuff here that basically boiled down to "PS3 Rocks MS Sucks" to think that it qualified. Am I wrong?

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The story is too old to be commented.