Xbox 360: Officially uncool

It might be the platform of choice for frat-pack teabaggers, FPS enthusiasts and people who play Blue Dragon, but Xbox 360 just isn't cool, according to a recent poll. In a list compiled by the SuperBrands group, Nintendo and PlayStation eased into the top 20 coolest brands, while Microsoft's next-gen console failed to impress

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TheSadTruth3904d ago Show
gunnerforlife3904d ago

if u do a survey and ask Americans and ask them whats the coolest thing they ever had about everything, burgers would be top of the list and it shows sometimes as well

Vip3r3904d ago

The only thing that isn't cool is racism.

Anal3904d ago Show
Sangheili853904d ago

@POP_CHERRY i see you hate us so bad but if it wasn't for us you English would have been owned by German by now.

Capt CHAOS3904d ago

That guys comments were about teeth and silly things like that. You're are about life and death. Don't mix the issue and don't bring your pathetic political views into a gaming forum.

yeah, I'm british before you slander me for being a yank.

xaphanze3904d ago

I'm muslim and I dont like the way you talk.

TheSadTruth3904d ago


it was a joke, considering I live in Britain

do you even know what racism is? :)

dantesparda3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Actually while you may have considered the comment about the toothpaste and teeth thing, "silly", his comment was really about hate, and bigotry and intolerance. Most Americans are racist bastards who think they are better than everyone else. I should know. I live here. And not even in one of the more racist southern states. And true that Pop Cherry took it to the next level by saying that, and i agree he shouldnt have, especially on a stupid games' site. But at least his hate is founded in the fact that our country is indeed killing his people. You see war and the killing of a certain people does have a funny way of making people hate you and want to kill you or see you dead. Who would have figured, eh? But i take you are just really a muslim hater in Britian.

And to Hateboy below me
You're right, Russia did do most of the "softening up" of the Nazis. See our facts about WWII are all skewed. The Chinese and Russians and Jews lost the most people in WWII. Yet most people dont even realize that the Chinese were invovled in WWII. Or that the only reason the Americans joined the war was not to help Britian, but rather because Japan attacked them. and since Japan and Germany were allies (the Axis), Germany declared war on America a day or two later, so America decided then that it would help England fight the Germans (along with the Canadians). Most Americans didnt want to fight the Germans before that. It was Franklin Delanore Roosevelt who wanted to fight the Germans all along. And the list goes on and on, but i'll cut it here.

HateBoy3904d ago

Not because I agree with the guy ur responding to, I don't, but I recommend you read some history books (preferably NOT written by an american author). FACT is, we (swede I am) would all have been part of the soviet union most probably, seriously, your history teaching sucks people.
Let's see, I'm guessing 14 (?) disgrees?

secret3904d ago

xbots make people hate the console or view it negatively. Look at their behavior (in this room for example), and you'll know why people hate the brand.

SWORDF1SH3904d ago

what the f*ck is wrong with people. stop puttin people from a certain country into one bracket and start sayin there this or that because of where they live.

secret3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Me am have question about big power brick. Why am have big power brick if still overheating? What purpose of power brick of being so BIG? What purpose of power brick if gamie thing blow up (KABOOM...!!) anyway? Me go now. Excusie me engalish.

WilliamRLBaker3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

You all need to learn some thing, Lets call them DEFINITIONS for your benefit.

Racism=Hating a people becaue of their race/Color of skin
Biggotry=Hating someone because of preceived attitudes toward those people and about those people. I.E: STEREOTYPES

The SadTruths comment was silly, and stupid but it was in no way racist, It was about a stereotype and thats it, Confusing the 2 is retarded.

@Gunner:That is a stereotype that all americans are fat, eat nothing but burgers...ect

@sanghelli, Thats right, Regardless of what Certain supposed *history buffs* want to say on the site, America was giving aid to the UK long before japan attacked us, and the american government *not just Rosie* wanted to get into the war, Which is why they "LET" Japan atk us, so they'd have an excuse.

@Chaos:Your right, Stereotypes are no where near as bad as extreme racism like that "supposed' muslim has, Thats racism at its core wishing another people would die.

@Dante I will assume for a second you dont know diddly squat Because its not just AMERICANS that are racist, Every single country on this planet has its racists faction, Trying to make out that MOST of americans are racist is just stupid, becuase you are trying to exclude every one else, When in reality you dont know what Racism really is, And Most americans AREN'T racist.

All so about America haveing biased books on history...YES BECAUSE no other country has biased history books, whom ever wins the war makes the history, So history is all ways biased regardless of its country, 2nd If Nazi germany hadn't made half the mistakes it did it would have controlled most of europe still to this day, Because at many points they we're winning and winning in a very fast and efficient way.

@secret negative vote for you just on the general premise you spout nothing but fanboyish drivel.

@Scottie below
Yes because you know every single person in chicago right *rolls eyes* ill pretend for a 2nd that you actually know some things, And say this This is a british freaking poll, It doesn't apply to america in any way, They polled only 2000 people in britian *not the UK but one part of the UK Britian* So the cool factor isn't even decided.

All So I love how you say the people you talk to on psn are cooler then the people you talk to on xbox live? lol righttttttttttt because we all know psn is filled with mature thought provoking individuals.

*laughs hard*

Vip3r3904d ago

Unless you have a degree in History I suggest you stfu. The battle of Britain destroyed vast amounts of thr lufewaffe which help prevent them from doing an land invasion. Also if it wasn't for the UK the US could be speaking spanish right now. See how easy that is.

dantesparda3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

William what-ever-the-fvck your name is. I dont know diddly squat, yet you're the one saying that most Americans arent racist!? Ha! your funny! What are most of the guys on Xbox Live that say racist sh!t like "n!gga" then!? huh? usually its little white-boys from America, but no, America is not racist cuz you so say. Ok! And to make the assumption that because i say that America is racist, that i dont think that any other country are racist too, is just plain stupid on your part. Stop jumping to conclusions and try and learn and interpret what im saying correctly. And it seems to me that you are the one who does not know what racism is, most Americans are racist, wake up.

Sangheili853904d ago

True Britain did own the German Luftwaffe but if you read more you would learn that the Germans were raining down V2 and V1 rockets on London. Without the Americans attacking V2 rocket plants and the Russians attacking from the east sooner or later the Germans wouldn't need planes to cause problems in England. Also Germans we're still developing or at least designing the Atom bomb.. yeah I'm sure England could of held off the Germans for ever!.... yeah right. I have no doubt the British did good at the Battle Of Britain but 1 victory isn't going to stop Germany.

Don't be so narrow minded when it comes to war.

GameOn3904d ago

USA didn't save Britain, they saved them selves. Who do u think would of been next if Britain fell.

Any way thats all in the past now.

we all know who has the best trained troops in the world and who has the troops that drop bombs on friendlys.

Vip3r3904d ago

You do know that the Norwegian special forces the heavy water factory in Norway that was used by the germans. If they didn't do that then the UK and even the US could be completely different. Also remember that the SAS and other spies and unsung heros helped to find and destroy V1 and V2 site.

Don't be so narrow minded about the war.

Sangheili853904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Ok you know what? We can go all day how America did this and England did that... and so on. Truth is as GameOn said. Either way if England would have fallen US would of been next. The fall of England would have took a while but it would have happened perhaps. WE WON"T KNOW ITS HISTORY! Both countries did their best and help each other.

Oh and i owe you a STFU for the one you addressed to me in you're first response. Nice way to start a reply kid. I give you credit on a good counter argument. bubbles i guess.

One thing i agree with Viper is We owe a lot to the spies and unsung heors of ww2.

leon763903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

WTF is this site???? a gamers site with news of games or a site full of racist sh*t??????? we are discussing Xbox or who won or loose WWII????? Stop this nonsense!!!!!

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P4KY B3904d ago

As I would expect.
Out of 2000, 1000 will be teenage girls.
And the other 1000 will be metrosexual nancyboys.

Most people I play with on Xbox live are in their 20's.

Another pointless survey.

Lets all sit back and let the money do the talking in 2 weeks time.

Rooftrellen3904d ago

If you really want the money to do the talking, it has been for quite some time, and it says Nintendo is the only cool kid on the block. The DS is by far the best money grabber right now, and its big brother Wii isn't doing too badly either.

Though, while we talk about Halo, who thinks Nintendo will release Nintendogs 2 soon, since Halo 3 will push the Halo franchise over the sales of Nintendogs. Oh, wait, there I go letting the money talk again, saying Nintendogs has sold more than both Halos combined (oh and I don't know if I should be happy or sad, neither is my cup of tea).

Money has spoken, though, and Halo doesn't win, and MS doesn't win. I don't have to wait 2 weeks or even 2 years to know (and mark this down, I will stand by this right or wrong when its all said and done) Mario Galaxy will easily outsell Halo 3.

THUNDERMARE3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

That is what MS afraid the most about Xbox360's image, 360 just not appeal to wide audiences. Other then 360 main demographic area (Male, teenage to early thirty) 360 just not grabbing attention with casual gamers.
Yes 1,000 of 2,000 might be girl and another 1,000 might be metro and you might make it sound useless, but we are talking about survey that involve 500 brands here, and some how PlayStation and Nintendo manage to be on top 20. This is not something to be over look.
If 360 really want to be king of this generation, they need to shake those image of guys with Halo and FPS enthusiastic console.

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Crazy Larry3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

does this crap get approved???

Edit: GOD should not say "AMEN" to a vulgar statement. ;)

m91058263904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

lol... teabagging frat boys. That may not be the only people who play the 360, but that's pretty much been all the MS fanboys I've ever met, who long ago forsake Jesus and God as their saviors and replaced them with Halo and Bill Gates