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TooTall191971d ago

Installing Lead and Gold now!

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Spenok1971d ago

Same, this game looks very good.

TooTall191970d ago

It is good! Easy to get into and the focus is on teamwork.

Spenok1970d ago

Yea i didnt get a chance to dl it last night, the wifey had the tv >< lol ill do that now xD

HolyOrangeCows1971d ago

Angry Birds. Definitely getting Angry Birds.

egidem1971d ago

Me too! It is free on Android, $0.99 on the app store. It seems a bit expensive for $3.99 but it's worth the cost. Angry Birds is one hell of an addictive/fun game.

PLAYER50951971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Yay Free Game!!!

EDIT: U LIE!! NO... Not Free

hatchimatchi1970d ago

free for playstation plus subscribers

HungryGoku1970d ago

I know discounts rule :) especially free games.

ISKREEM1971d ago

Angry Birds for $3.99? Lame.

Now if it was in 1080p on the PS3, and not just a Minis title, that would be completely different.

Close_Second1971d ago

The price is one thing but how will this game play on the PSP. This is one of those games that I think works best with a touch screen.

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The story is too old to be commented.