Factor 5: "We would do another Rogue Squadron"

Despite its fire-breathing credentials, developer Factor 5's PS3 dragon-driver, Lair, struggled to raise the temperature of the game's critical reception to anything much above chilly. Games Radar can't imagine that gamers will be petitioning for a sequel anytime soon. However, love for the developer's Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series is much more abundant, with fans hoping for another chance to slip into the cockpit of an X-wing and fight in a galaxy far, far away all over again.

Games Radar recently had the opportunity to sit down with Factor 5 boss man, Julian Eggebrecht, and asked him whether another Rogue Squadron game might be a possibility. "I would go back to another Rogue Squadron in the Classic Star Wars universe. I still can't relate much to the new trilogy, so LucasArts can keep that. But, yeah, if it would be Classic and if we could find a new hook..."

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RadientFlux3691d ago

sure why not... they can just use the Lair engine ;) and change the dragons to tie-fighters

TnS3691d ago

"If I was to do a game with an X-wing, I don't know if I'd necessarily use motion control. It might be [analog] stick, because that is how you'd be controlling the craft - it might be more appropriate."

Meus Renaissance3691d ago

If they did use Motion control and the game sucked lol.

sajj3163691d ago

Rogue Squadron was my all time favorite shooter. They would most certainly use the Lair assets to create this game. I agree on using analogue for control versus motion.

tonsoffun3691d ago

Please don't.

the first was fantastic, but IMO, they went downhill fast after that

Darkiewonder3691d ago

From Lair and call it Rogue Squadron ;)

How the heck he decides and say analog for Roque Squadron and use Motion Control for Lair? maybe he knows that not everything has to use it?

ANYWAYS, moving a long.

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The story is too old to be commented.