New FIFA 08 PS3 screens

Electronic Arts have today released five new screenshots from the Playstation 3 version of FIFA 2008...

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mirroredderorrim3908d ago

I couldn't even see the pictures.

jromao3907d ago

I played the demo, game is NOT worth, pretty but awful gameplay and poor AI, they announced Fifa 08 as one "piece of art", after all it's just the same old crap in HD.

I was thinking in getting this game (until yesterday), very disapointing indeed.

PES 08 order in place.

Gamer luv3908d ago

that the improvement in gameplay is as significent as the improvement from NHL 07 to NHL 08, if so then ill be happy.

Adriokor3908d ago

Could you please let us know if there is any big difference between the two, I am wondering if I should buy it at all. thx.

rev203908d ago

Just played the fifa demo on my ps3.

The game is absolute crap same old fifa slow paced no fluent passing jerky movements.

The tricks holding l2 then using the right stick suck and are pretty pointless seriously dissapointed made me remember why i dont play fifa anymore the games a joke.

Lord Anubis3908d ago

i agree, its the same old fifa with pretty graphics, I actually think they dumbed down the friendly AI and increased the opponents AI.

resistance1003908d ago

'Why did i even bother downloading it?

Maybe i just thought that EA could for once create a decent football game.

Guess i was wrong.

Just proves that if you want a decent football game, get the japs to make it :gr8: '

sheng long3908d ago

Sadly, i think i will be skipping this game altogether. I wanted to like it, especially with the updated rosters. Tevez with Man U? i didn't know this 'til today when i played the demo.
Comparing to the 360, the graphics aren't quite as sharp, sorry to say, but i do like the controls on the ps3 version better than on the 360. It would be a tough option if i were buying, what a shame, EA, please don't ruin FIFA street 3. it's all i'm asking you.