No Place Like Home- Interview

Sony's Jamie MacDonald discusses the unique challenges involved in developing Home

There are three key software titles pushing Sony's online networking initiatives for the PlayStation 3. LittleBigPlanet, SingStar and Home are not only the most anticipated titles for consumers, but flagship projects that should allow Sony to prove to the industry what online console entertainment can achieve.

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mighty_douche3937d ago

sony are trying to change the face of online gaming/socialising and i for one commend them for it! 2008 is gonna be a good time to be a sony consumer!

nasim3937d ago


This is next gen gaming

Nameless3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

I dont see how Home can be released next month if they are planning a soon Open Beta ? & I hope they have an actual Sign Up process instead of that stupid way they did it the first time.

masterg3936d ago

An open beta means the program is very close to complete. But to make sure nobody slaughters them if bugs show up they call it beta so they can fix issues before the reviews come in.

DJ3937d ago

They’ve actually busted their balls to pull off an online platform that’s never been attempted before, and they’re doing it with flying colors. It’s one thing to nail the technology, but to nail the presentation and ease-of-use is just as commendable. I can only hope that they will maintain their initiative throughout the rest of the Playstation 3’s lifespan as this will only serve to broaden their userbase.

gamesR4fun3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

cant wait def buying singstar for the wife at xmas and some online credit.
Hope we get to start clan areas and stuff like that if not we can always meet at my place. (gonna buy a mansion if its not too much)
I doubt if the 18 + areas are going to be good for anything more than poker and m rated games and previews but who knows (besides with the ability to show your own movies and stuff Im sure anything we can imagine is possible) Still it be cool to see the adult entertainment industry opening their own xxx spaces.
I think the real strength of this is the way you can interact with people online with the voice chat its going to be a very dynamic place. Melding it all with the games and stuff is wicked too Imagine being able to put on your Warhawk uniform and badges so everyone can see your a total addict. :D The ability to block users from interacting with you helps gives you some control over the experience.
Im a little worried about ppl letting their kids run wild on it but Im sure Sony will do everything it can to keep the general rooms and spaces family oriented.

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