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Lens of Truth cracks in face of PS3, Mass Effect 2 demo comparison criticism

Multiplatform comparisons of software releases on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 platform have always been a hotly debated topic among gamers, as many argue about the usefulness of measuring changes often undetectable by the average game player. Also in question is the credibility of such comparisons as the vast majority of game players simply do not have the resources at their disposal to verify the findings of these often technical reviews. So it’s interesting to note how these sites handle criticism of their often unverifiable findings. Lens of Truth is one such comparison site that seems to have cracked under the pressure.

Lens of Truth decided to ring in the New Year by getting nasty in response to an article by SMGamers which pointed out that a recent comparison run by their site of the PS3 demo of Bioware’s RPG, Mass Effect 2 versus the Xbox 360 demo version seemed to contradict the findings of Digital Foundry’s comparison of the same PS3 demo versus the 360’s Mass Effect 2... (Mass Effect 2, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Anon1974  +   1738d ago
For your consideration an except from an email from LOT staffer, Jason Ryszczyk in regards to the discrepancies between his sites findings and Digital Foundry's. Emphasis is his.

"We (Lens of Truth) are the only site to have the balls to call out these developers for the BETTER OF THE GAMING COMMUNITY."
Biggest  +   1738d ago
That was much ado about nothing. I love the "WE DO WHAT WE WANT!" defense and so does Jason it seems. If Lens of Truth is playing sides in the fanboy war (Just saying you don't isn't enough) they might as well go full retard. Gaming is becoming casual in an extreme sense. The only way to get large groups of followers is to play sides and make the headlines as big as possible. Follow the Fox News model, LoT. You aren't convincing anyone on the PS3 side that you're fair and balanced in your comparisons. I'd prefer if you went extreme with the bias. At least you'd be more entertaining.

For the record: I don't agree with much of anything that Fox News has to say. But I'll be damned if it isn't the most entertaining "news" channel in the world! You can't find crazy like O'Reily, Hannity, and Beck anywhere else in the world.
mac_sparrow  +   1738d ago
Never go full retard. You don't buy that? Ask Sean Penn, 2001, "I Am Sam." Remember? Went full retard, went home empty handed.
zootang  +   1738d ago
I think its now (100%) safe to say that LoT is just a troll site.
CrzyFooL  +   1738d ago
You never go full retard.

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Theonik  +   1738d ago
Never go full retard.

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GWAVE   1738d ago | Immature | show
Sarcasm  +   1738d ago
It's not just how unprofessional the responses are from LoT, but the continuous unprofessional responses again and again and again by them. They are obviously guilty of something and really don't want to admit it, and even goes as far as saying "Digital Foundry said the PS3 version is inferior." when in COLD HARD FACTS DF just said the PS3 version is DIFFERENT which leaves it up to the people to judge whether it's better or worse. In this case, LoT is hell bent on saying the PS3 version is worse.

Why is it so hard for them to just admit that the PS3 version isn't as bad as they wish it is???

And other naggling issues is when they come up with their conclusions in which their editors pick which version they'd rather choose. Why is it so often that I see them pick "Oh I'd rather play this on the 360 controller because it's best for FPSs" but yet when it comes to fighting games they never give a mention about the better D-Pad on the PS3.

Oh well, I'm wasting my time. The PC version is still the best, while the PS3/360 version are graphically equal in my eyes.
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Boody-Bandit  +   1738d ago
Been saying it for years and no one seems to listen. Don't rely on lame comparison sites to tell you which version does what. Find out for yourselves. I have yet to see a game look on my displays the way most of them do from these lame comparison sites.

If there are no gameplay differences then there is no reason to bring up differences other than the sake of fueling fanboy horse shit. I always thought LoT was trash and I don't care for any other site that does comparisons either. All of them at one time or another have been caught giving misleading or flat out wrong information.

How pathetic has this industry become that sites like these exist and bungholes like Pachter get paid to give his opinion?

Oh well, back to gaming.
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Megaton  +   1738d ago
I stopped paying attention to comparisons after I played Ghostbusters on PS3. Comparison sites were knocking that game to the point where you'd think the PS3 version was running on a PS1 engine, when in reality is wasn't bad at all. Slightly inferior? Sure. But I didn't even notice 3/4 of the stuff they were crying about. The typical washed out color palettes and blurred textures you often see on the PS3 side of comparisons tend to be 100% bull as well, from personal experience.

Whether it's bias or just sloppy capturing, I dunno. All I know is that all of these comparison groups have proven to be far too misleading.
JohnnyBadfinger  +   1737d ago
I think the real laughing stock here are both sites and all you gamers who take what they say to the heart.

The gaming media is bullshit...all of it. They hype and hype, bitch and bitch... when in fact each article is only 1 persons opinion.

Just because the media say:
"Halo Reach is amazing" doesnt make it so
"Uncharted is the best franchise on PS3" doesnt make it so.
"Mass Effect 2 on 360 > PS3 Version" or
"Mass Effect 2 on PS3 > 360 Version" make your own mind up... and does it really matter? if you only own 1 of the 2 consoles its not as if you have a choice is it?

It quite clear that SMGamer is predominately a PS3 fanboy site and Lens of Truth is predominately a 360 fanboy site... therefore making both their arguments invalid and hypocritical
ChineseDemocracy  +   1737d ago
People should just enjoy the game. So what if one version performs **slightly** better than the other? Does that affect you in any way? Probably not. Buy the game for your preferred system, and enjoy.
morganfell  +   1737d ago
Well Johnny just because one site is biased doesn't mean they can't be correct. If you look at the central issue that has been indicated clearly twice...the very matter concerning the results put forward by LoT, the fact is they (LoT) are wrong.


Whether smgamers is pro PS3 has nothing to do with the fact that LoT are wrong and not only wrong but laughably, openly, clearly, and now defiantly wrong. Instead of reexamining their findings, what do they do?

Put it this way. The definition of fanaticism is redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten you aim. And that is exactly the path that LoT is taking.
thats_just_prime  +   1737d ago
The funniest part about all of this is LoT is a crapstation 3 fanboy site. How many time have they fond that the 360 version of the game runs better the the crapstaions3 version then they turn around and make up some bs reason like the crappy graphics on the crapstaton 3 are more artist and name that version the winner
MeanOldman  +   1737d ago
amazing. calling the ps3 crapstation. how you like getting graphically beat by somethin you use that name for. and where are the mods, playing their 360s. cause if anyone had used a name like that for the xbox they would get a restriction guaranteed.
rroded  +   1737d ago
lens of lies aka lol
cause whenever you see em your gonna lol at their stupid transparent biased trolling for cheap hits XD

@ all the l.o.l alt accounts here gtfo n go back to halo.

gtfo= get the frag out XD
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Montrealien  +   1737d ago
This article is the equivilent of of a "Lindsay Lohan out of rehab" in the New York post.

Be proud smgamers.com, be proud...
DualConsoleOwner  +   1738d ago
LoL LoT guy is such a troll.
"another bad year for your site and another year where your biggest story is based on us" -LoT

" your article is BULLSHIT!!!."-LoT

Wow. just wow. LoT is ran by trolls. not surprised.

LoT should not have deleted the comments where people complained about the ME2 comparison.. that was good as admission of guilt.
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HolyOrangeCows  +   1738d ago
LoT's "look" at Mass Effect 2 was ridiculous. They failed to mention that the PS3 version had spikes up to 45 and rarely dipped below 26, claimed that the 360 was "nearly locked" in a 30fps (nonsense), and only showed slight differences in the face of Shepard (With the Ps3 version having absolutely greatly shifted [for the the better] lighting).

Seriously, those quotes.....lol.
He sounds like your average forum troll. "Teh FACT not opinionz!!!!"

Look at the first and last "roll over" comparison pics.
See anything funny?
The Ps3 version has better lighting AND sharper details on characters.
These details are no less minor than "ZOMG teh scars on Sheeperd!"
But does LOT even MENTION these things? Nope.
LOT mentions whatever is convenient (Whatever makes the PS3 version sound inferior).

LOL! Look how mods are handing out "well said"s to anyone who speaks ill of SMGamers.
Look @ #8
I'm pretty sure that is the guy from LOT; he's the only liar claiming that SMGamers is "only" discussing LOT.
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DaTruth  +   1738d ago
I don't really consider DF to be much better on that front. In the FF13 comparison, it was like it hurt them to admit the PS3 version was so significantly better and they sat around making excuses for the 360 and making up reasons why it could have been done better on 360! They also picked and chose what console's gamebreaking flaws were worse in the Enslaved review, when it should have been left up to the reader to choose.

Although I do consider all the DF articles to be good reads, regardless of my perception of their 360 bias! I really enjoy the technical analysis and technology used, rather than LOT's, it looks better in screenshots approach!
Corepred4  +   1738d ago | Intelligent
"Retractions and corrections to an article look terribly UNPROFFESIONAL."

LOL i thought this was funny.
lightningsax  +   1738d ago
"Me fail English? That's unpossible!"
Spenok  +   1738d ago
Ha, agreed. Apparently its unprofessional to be wrong now and again. Oh shit, if thats the case professionalism DOESNT EXIST in out world.
chainer3000  +   1737d ago
Bubbles for being the first to point out this ridiculous quote. I laughed out loud when I read it, glad the hilarity wasn't lost on everyone else.
LORD-PHOENIX  +   1738d ago
well done darkride..in LOT original comparison of me2
I stated i dont trust them...any fanboy can make a site to discredit the competition they dont like....it makes you think GET A LIFE.

it happend with vgchartz and LOT is the same run by a bunch of self admitted halo fanatics.

What do they achieve by lying? And people need to understand these are GROWN men, fanboys who read those joke of a sites need to realise that they are ruining the true essence of gaming.even MS basically called out vgchartz (only when it suited them though for years ms let vgchartz spread its propaganda).

LOT you are nothing but a site run by fanboys who are in their 20s and 30s fuc*ing embarassing.
donkeydoo  +   1738d ago | Well said
Here the comment from Jason, I see nothing wrong with his response. SMG needs to stop focusing on LOT and do something of there own.

Well Darkride another bad year for your site and another year where your biggest story is based on us. My name is Jason from LoT (I dont hide behind screen names) and your latest article has definately gotten to me. Usually I pay no attention to other sites trying to ride our coattails but your recent article has extremely angered me.

First base your article on TRUTHS, We used the DEMO of ME2 on the 360 versus the DEMO of ME2 on the PS3.

Next we tolerate zero criticism of the staff on our site. If you disagree with the outcome we dont care just voice your opinion that way not at us.

Also we have NO FORUM so no comments were deleted, just a troll from invadfing our website.

We also get ZERO DOLLARS from Sony or Microsoft or any game developer or publisher for that matter.WE DONT CARE WHO WINS the H2H we just want the best version for ourselves and our members. THATS IT. Nothing more nothing less.

If you feel the need to bash us like I said we would like to see an article based on the TRUTH. Get off the train you can’t come along for the ride.

Digital Foundry also concluded that the PS3 version is inferior and just said it in a nicer way. So once again your article is BULLSHIT!!!.

If you would like to contact me on this I would love to hear how you can defend yourself on this crap. Like I said if you werent just trying to get hits and the article was based on the TRUTH I would have no issues but this is RIDICULOUS.

Looking forward to your response,


Whats so bad with this email? I think this gives LOT more creditability. HEY SMG how about releasing an article of your own..l
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Achemki  +   1738d ago
1)They still avoid the issue, and the questions I raised. That's their lack of credibility. They still don't acknowledge the frame drops in that personal email. I guess if you ignore something long enough, it doesn't exist, right? lol

2) They're wussies if something as tongue-in-cheek parody as 'Lens of Lies' is enough to make them cry.
"People always get mad about stuff that they know deep down is true" --Burn Notice Season 1 finale--

3)They're too inept to even know how to permanently ban somebody, or spell 'professional' lol. I made a new account there 2 weeks ago from the same computer, called it 'Achemki2', just to laugh at how challenged they really are for going through all this "big man" flashing gif posturing when I could post there again RIGHT NOW if I wanted to.

4)They also take a backwards jab at Digital Foundry on the way out..."you would know who DF is funded by. Their results are never posted one way or the other to save face for advertising $$$$."

Classy. Apparently the world is black and white to LOT, "there can only be one", like Thunderdome lol. DF can at least see the greys and acknowledge things like the better 3D framerate on Black Ops for the 360 while also acknowledging that the PS3's 3D maintains a better picture quality with full 720p resolution.
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Bozzio  +   1738d ago
You got permabanned, and then they allowed you to make a new account. Then why even ban you?
stuntman_mike  +   1737d ago

good to see someone using a Burn Notice quote. lol
pain777pas  +   1737d ago
Who needs lens of truth? Tell me more about what developers do in their day. MAKING GAMES! No hits for your site ever again. I am sick of liars in general. I'm done here.
Prototype  +   1737d ago
The Wii version looks the best!
Traveler  +   1737d ago | Well said
I have to say that smgamers seems much more ruled by fanboyism than the site they are attacking.

I love my PS3 the most by far, but I am sick of the fanboyism on this site. I am about ready to leave for good and never come back. You guys can have your completely one-sided circle jerk.
Vherostar  +   1737d ago
Wow LOT is burning like a bridge right now and if it doesn't come out with a full apology statement me thinks its gonna lose so much respect it's not gonna have any respect. It's got owned on 2 occasions and shown for the stuck up fanboyism site it really is. Time and time again they have shown shots that favour one or another console when in reality the game actually looked better on the other console. They really have a way of making games look better on the other console. Reminds me of the early comparison videos on the web where they would stick PS3 vids and say they were 360 lol remember them?
plenty a tool  +   1737d ago | Well said
oh look, SMgamers, is non other than our very own darkride66's web-site! couple that with the fact that said darkride is nothing but a shameless sony fanboy, and self-confessed sony nut, then what you have here is the normal idiotic sony fanboy conspiracy.

why is it people that have a blog site think that what they write is all of a sudden important??? and why are you crusaders saying doing when sony themselves dont? or the devs??

perhaps if there was some truth in what you lot write, then the devs themselves mite question this.

a bunch of idiotic sony fanboys on the blogs4fanboys.. get a life you lot

ps: i love the "in response to an article" lol YOUR SITE IS NOTHING BUT BLOGS!!!!!!!!
units  +   1738d ago
Xbox 360 demo version seemed to contradict the findings of Digital Foundry’s comparison
PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 is different as opposed to definitive, and while nobody is likely to be disappointed with the game, a direct comparison with the Xbox 360 version suggests that while some elements are improved, others have been downgraded

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Dante112  +   1738d ago
From LOT's email from the article

" Hello Dark

Well Darkride another bad year for your site and another year where your biggest story is based on us. My name is Jason from LoT (I dont hide behind screen names)  and your latest article has definately gotten to me. Usually I pay no attention to other sites trying to ride our coattails but your recent article has extremely angered me."

Lol, he shouldn't let SMGamer or other articles for that matter get to him like that (to the point of being extremely angry). Just dust that stuff off and keep it moving. Cursing and such in the email.
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Megaton  +   1738d ago
He mad.
inveni0  +   1738d ago
True. The fact that they're getting so defensive makes me more suspicious than if they'd retaliated not at all.
jack_burt0n  +   1738d ago | Well said
LOT is facing a pretty rocky year seeing as the only hits they get are from the hardcore MS fanbase trolling, pretty sure Dead Space 2 is superior on ps3 in every regard so another missed opportunity for them.

They are a truly worthless site because without arguing they become completely redundant.

They should rename themselves, in the lens of kinect and measure lag and stuff like that.
Grenadan  +   1738d ago
time to take off the tin foil hat
eggbert  +   1738d ago | Funny
and put on the white poncho's AMIRITE?
MAJ0R  +   1738d ago
lol +bubbles

on-topic LoT's email is hilarious
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mastiffchild  +   1738d ago
Thing is, the worst thing about that Jason fella was his grammar: "are" instead of "our"? REALLY? I won't even touch on the bogawful punctuation from a man talking about journalism. I was surprised at someone firing off a couple of angry emails with such poor syntax as it just leaves you open or them to reprint and allow the world to see a professional writer who cannot write properly.

Anyway, my opinion of LoT and DF remains unchanged-we do NOT need any comparison sites. The fact is most multiplats(nearly every one) is aimed at parity between the console versions rather than competing with the best looking and best running games on either platform and as a result all we're likely to find are tiny differences that prove nothing about the strength of either console. Most of ther time if they find a winner I'd challenge anyone to have noticed them in normal everyday gaming-0you know where we play ALL our games> Christ they use programs to find screen tear! Why? If you can't see it with games slowed down and running side by side don't you think we , at home, might just miss it too?

Sadly, these sites seem to appeal for some reason I can't quite grasp and it's in their interest to find differences and winners and losers whenever they can-if every port result was a draw then people wouldn't ever read. Because of this there's a very real tendency to over state results so when there's a small difference it's blown out of proportion and when there's a problem we actually might notice ourselves(like with Bayonetta-even though it wasn't that much anyway)it's like they found life on Mars!!

Truth be told, as a multiple platform gamer I've only found the need ONCE to change from PS3 to 360 because a port was THAT bad it over rode my controller preference-and that was as far back as TOB!! Sure, there have been games(G'busters, Bayonetta) since where the 360 version was slightly better than the PS3 one but the differences didn't hurt the games and subsequent patches made said gap even more negligible. However, the occasions are so rare and as they are easy enough to spot by using your eyes(which we use to game with)I'm sure the normal game media would spot them at review ANYWAY.

So, what IS the need for DF/LoT? Seriously, if it's to find differences we can't see ourselves then just why are we reading, much less caring?
gamer2010  +   1737d ago | Well said
Speak for yourself. The comparisons are helpful to me, especially those times when I don't have the ability to compare both versions for myself. I always prefer to get the better-looking or better-performing versions. I don't have a strong controller preference and I have plenty of friends on both consoles.

You on the other hand are clearly a biased fanboy. You go out of your way to buy every game on the PS3. So it's no wonder a person such as you would want to convince themselves that there is really no difference, even though deep down you probably know it's not true.

I bought Castlevania for the PS3 because it had a slightly better framerate even though everything else was the same. But the differences are usually much, much greater than that. Castlevania was an unusually close multiplatform game.

You are fooling yourself if you believe that there is hardly any difference worth noting. If that were true then we shouldn't care about Blu-ray over DVD. The differences we often see in multiplatform games often has a greater impact on your visual experience of a game than the difference between Blu-ray and DVD.

Just because these sites use tools to quantify things like screen tearing or frame rate doesn't mean that they aren't easily perceived by the naked eye. Right off the bat I could tell that Mass Effect 2 stuttered much more and had screen tearing on the PS3. I didn't need anybody to demonstrate it with formal measurements.

But having actual measurements from a good cross section of each version of a game is useful to me in many cases because it gives me a pretty good idea how each version will perform. Demos as we know are not always available for every game.

It's clear to me that many of you fanboys take this stuff way too seriously and are actually insulted by these comparisons. It's like a dagger to the heart of every fanboy each time their precious console "loses" a comparison. When in reality they are just a useful tool for those of us that care.

I will never understand why those of you who are so injured by cross platform comparisons don't simply avoid reading them. It seems the most sensible answer to me. That way those that appreciate the comparisons can continue to benefit from them, while the sensitive fanboys can pretend they don't exist.
Karlnag3  +   1737d ago
dude did you even LOOK at the 360 version of castlevania? if you did then YOU are the one that is fooling yourself, because those differences weren't minor. No way. They were blindingly obvious at a mere glance.
the deele  +   1737d ago
Dead Space 2 is pretty much the same on both systems.

theonlylolking  +   1737d ago
I never trust lens of truth.
despair  +   1738d ago
Don't care, just spent 5 mins reading the back and forth between these guys but bottom line is until retail release and I see how it looks personally it won't matter who says what and who thinks theirs is bigger.

I played the PS3 demo and it looked good, not near the PC version but still good. Haven't played the X360 version but unless a Bayonetta level catastrophe happens it will be fine for PS3 owners. I agree that devs need to be called out on crappy ports but I did not see what the big deal was from the demo.
mastiffchild  +   1738d ago
Oh, God, I'd forgotten what they were arguing about was two bloody demos, lol!!

Anyway, don't you agree that any site would spot a truly bad port? Anything that could actually affect your gaming pleasure would easily be seen by the likes of IGN ,for example, so why the need for dedicated sites?

I really don't like this culture of nitpicking that seemingly supports a host of dubious sites finding things that, by and large, we'd never notice or not be able to see anyway.I reckon it's time to admit that multiplats just try to look the same but aren't ever likely to be identical because the machines are different. They prove nothing, aren't optimised for either console and the sites reporting these discretions really need to find something meatier to investigate.

With the user bases of the two HD consoles so similar in size I really can't see multi plat devs risking losing half their market by making either version better in an obvious manner anyway and the odd screw up is going to be found out if LoT exist or not.

Just stop thinking about these sites and maybe they, and the fanboy arguments they exist to fuel, will go away. Perhaps that would give some of their staff time to actually write like proper journalists too.
Soldierone  +   1738d ago
Is it really that time of age when the PS3 is so far caught up or surpassing expectations that we have to go to match making demos?

I honestly cannot wait for MGS Rising to come out and see all the BS journalist will cook up to favor one console over another. But hey, lets forget MGS4 why dont we.
Kithara12   1738d ago | Immature | show
Soul Train  +   1738d ago | Well said
SMGamers needs to give it up and shut their server down. Their only content are articles about LoT.

They look like a bunch of tools that are in love with LoT. How sad. SMGamers actually has a "TAG" for Lens of Truth on their site. You gotta be kidding me man.

HOW MANY ARTICLES CAN YOU WRITE ABOUT ANOTHER WEB-SITE? Jesus dude! Get off their nuts! You look pathetic.
DigitalAnalog  +   1738d ago
Why not?
With the amount of flamebait and unprofessional pieces from practically every SITE that comes though N4G. A little soap-drama from a different channel would serve at least with some variety.

-End of Line
Grenadan  +   1738d ago
just fanboy website that has hard time accepting the truth
gamer2010  +   1737d ago | Well said
Exactly. This article and the other from this site both read like they were written by a butthurt fanboy.

Typical crap where they can't accept that their precious console got the worse version of a multiplatform game so they start lashing out at other sites or people.

Know what? I played both versions of the demo and the 360 version is clearly superior. The PS3 version stutters way more and has quite a bit of screen tearing, otherwise the graphics are nearly identical. Get over it.

Just because this fanboy knows how to play the fanboys on N4G (which comprise around 95% of the userbase) doesn't make him right. He is just another biased fool who knows all the right things to say to the fanboys on N4G in order to whip them into a frenzy to serve his ends.
plenty a tool  +   1737d ago

it reads like two butthurt fanboys, because SMgamers is run by Darkride66, a known sony fanboy!!

thats why we have this rubbish, and darkride66's continous attempts at positive action in the console wars...lol

so sad
Jazz4108  +   1737d ago | Well said
N4g is basically the most biased ps3 fan site out here yet they claim everyother site is biased or ban every site that don't always praise the ps3. This site ios the one that needs banned.
Rainstorm81  +   1737d ago
well said with no agrees how'd that happen.
KaiokenKid  +   1738d ago
So LOT basicaly is saying that they are so conceded that they think any publicity is good punlicity and getting their name out their?
Ponurasky  +   1738d ago
teh drama on teh internetz is always tasty.
Grimhammer00  +   1738d ago
Lol I know Bayonetta was gimped on PS3, but if you never knew about the 360 version, you'd be happy. It was a good game. Played very well.

Now, this LoT crap...I'm inclined to believe that yeah, they do favor the 360.
They should be more objective...or they get what they're getting right now.

I played the 360 version to completion. And if the PS3 version has removed/reworked the horrible resource farming....it'll be far ahead on that alone!
OGharryjoysticks  +   1738d ago
Lens of Truth is a garbage site anyway. They are like the trashy Inquirer type magazines by the register in the grocery store. Sure those magazines have pictures on the cover, but they never match up with what really is happening.
tudors  +   1738d ago
@despair I agree, and the reason I agree is because I would be more than happy to have UC3 on the 360 even if it had the odd tear or framerate drop.
CaliGamer  +   1738d ago
Could happen. Tho, it would be on like 6 disks.

Come to think of it, you should wish for a game that hits UC1 quality before you wish for UC2 or 3. Baby steps my friend.
Jazz4108  +   1737d ago
Grow up. The ps3 is notso great that you guys have to constantly trash ms for it. Ps3 fans have a bad reputation and comments like these is why. A guy makes a comment about a ps3 game on the 360 even if it tears and comments like 6 dics and not possible. I'm done with this site as the fanboys win. Most all the 360bguys and neutral guys that own both consoles have left this site because ps3 fans are incapable of being open minded. I hope you guys enjoy your circle jerk as you now have one less person to call you out and I gurantee it will be a circle jerk even more then now very soon. Goodbye and good riddens trolls.
MariaHelFutura  +   1737d ago

He`s not kidding it would be on 4-6 disks. No joke.
XabiTheHumble  +   1737d ago
@Jazz4108 getting mad at the truth is not going to make it any less true.
cheetah  +   1737d ago

You are calling the ps3 guys fanboys? You basically have just had a big cry because people dont have the same opinion as you. Geez man, harden up a bit.
CaliGamer  +   1737d ago
Lol, I love how Jazz rants off about fanboys and what not while completely ignoring the fact that there has arguably been no game on the 360 that reaches the technical achievement of UC1 or the fact that DVD 9 is indeed less capable than a Bluray.

Just because people like Jazz don't want to face reality doesn't make it any less true. Sometimes you just have to man up my friend.

Life lessons.

What's funny is that he says he is done with this site. All I have to say to Jazz is don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you. But we all know he isn't going anywhere.

This site is comedy sometimes.
jneul  +   1737d ago
lol it would be alot more than just a framerate drop, they would have the reduce the polys and resolution for it to run on x360
if you want uncharted stop being cheap and get a ps3 with lot of exclusives coming in 2011 it's going to be a wallet breaking year
#13.2 (Edited 1737d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
-X-  +   1738d ago | Well said
LoT is suspicious for failing to mention the PS3 versions improved FPS.

SMGamers are the ones who need to stop it. First they write an article on the hint of biased that LoT gave off. Then they write an article based on an e-mail that LoT sends them.

Also why are people so upset and pointing out the e-mails grammar problem?? This obviously looks like a private e-mail. Its not like he was writing this for his website or for the public. LoT (Jason) was probably expecting an e-mail back, but he gets an article in return.

I don't know whether LoT really is biased but from this article I think its safe for me to say that SMGamers are trolls. This is going back and forth.

What will LoT do will they give in and fight, or shake it off?

All I know is that I will be getting Mass Effect 2 when it comes out on the PS3.
#14 (Edited 1738d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
alphakennybody  +   1738d ago
"We (Lens of Truth) are the only site to have the balls to call out these developers for the BETTER OF THE GAMING COMMUNITY." oh the irony in this statement, "...FOR THE BETTER OF THE GAMING COMMUNITY." especially when they're site feeds on nothing but flamewars. Hows does that make a better community?
#15 (Edited 1738d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
shaqpack609  +   1738d ago
...Makes me wonder how many other game comparisons they f***ed the PS3 versions of it over
Bozzio  +   1738d ago | Well said
I posted this in Darkride's last thread. I went through some of LoT's galleries and found that their analyzer is lying and making up tears. AND this is from LoT's site. They're blatantly lying and showing us it too! Thanks for putting the nail in your own coffin.

Related image(s)
sam_i_am   1738d ago | Spam
Bozzio  +   1737d ago | Well said

Thanks for opening the flood gate. Known Lens of Truth accounts are as follows;
soul train
rudesole devil
Fancy Lady

You can go ahead and disagree 10 times, which is usually the case when LOT is called out and want everyone to disagree, but a 13 year old girl can out think you. I bet other people can add to this list. And calling me out on my age in PM is pretty creepy. Nail in the coffin +2.
donkeydoo  +   1737d ago
call me I miss you.. I would love to have lunch with my old friend. I have something to give you old buddy. Why din't you add your name to that list..
#16.1.3 (Edited 1737d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(10) | Report
MariaHelFutura  +   1737d ago

You guys just got destroyed by a 13 year old girl.

Bozzio +1 that was great.
#16.1.4 (Edited 1737d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(5) | Report
sam_i_am   1737d ago | Spam
sam_i_am   1737d ago | Spam
ziggurcat  +   1737d ago

i'm guessing not very many, if at all, since the ME2 comparisons were spot-on. i've seen the PS3 screenshots, i've played the demo. 100% accurate.

as far as performance? i saw a *lot* of screen tearing compounded with constant FPS drops and stuttering during cutscenes. major problems that existed in dragon age for PS3, which they refuse(d) to fix despite the public outcry.
muzzy  +   1738d ago
The funny thing is ME2 demo is free for any PS3 user to download and judge for oneself. The only people who need to read about it are Xbots who are hungry for bad karma because they don't have ANYTHING special to play on their consoles.

There goes the need for fanboy sites. Nobody normal gives a shit about them.
TerrorCell  +   1738d ago
Yeah because we have already played me2 idiot
Bucky Sligo  +   1737d ago | Well said
It's quite ironic that a PS supporter posted this article then.
Chromer  +   1738d ago | Well said
I read the article...
and all SMG did was call LoT's article into question. The fact that Jason responded the way he did not only shows his asspain, it also shows that he believes he can talk to anyone anyway he wants just because people believe their site without question. Overall, I've seen enough and will not be going to Lens of Truth anymore since their staff wants to act like spoiled brats.
Sarcasm  +   1738d ago
This pretty much sums it up.

I don't really care about SMG's reputation nor LoT, but you better be damned sure if someone sent an email criticizing the hell out of something like IGN, GiantBomb, Metacritic, they at least respond in a professional manner.

I've actually had that happened when I criticized Mark from Metacritic, sure he could have nerd raged like this Jason from LoT, but no he was professional and responded properly which diffused the situation and criticism, which IMO earns him high praise.

LoT = unprofessional
The Lazy One  +   1737d ago
Have you seen Adam Sessler's soapbox on being called biased? He gets just as angry, and he has a lot more on the line than LOT.
sam_i_am   1738d ago | Spam
gypsygib  +   1738d ago
The LOT guy sounds like those annoying super sensitive pissed off ragers you occasionally find in Halo.
Denethor_II  +   1738d ago
Had LoT had a bit more professionalism, it would have showed in the response email. Instead we got the ramblings of, what seemed to be, an enraged nerd. By all means call someone out, but if you're a big site then use a little tact, class and most of all professionalism.
graciousd  +   1738d ago
That's one cool article to read. It seems to me that LOT's staff (Jason) was really mad and his response was so unprofessional!
Now how about we forget all about LOT's BS and the rest of those pixel counting and comparison and enjoy the game.
Bordel_1900  +   1738d ago
Wow, just wow. Lens of lies owning up to it's name.
GameScrub  +   1738d ago | Well said
I must admit this flamebait article got me to click on your site. But at least I know what kind of person you are.

Your lack of professionalism in regards to fact checking and communication with others just to defend a DEMO is kind of sad.

I like LoT. I look forward to their comparisons and reviews. But what you have shown on your site is a sad rant about nothing.
Darth_Bane79  +   1737d ago
Yeah, and we know what kind of person you are too.. http://www.zgeek.com/forum/...
artsaber  +   1738d ago
Lens of Truth = The Most Unprofessional Gaming Site in Existence
Lens of Truth's (Lies') response by Jason is possibly the most unprofessional correspondence I have read between two people in a business. He even stated, " Truthfully one of our staff members is the biggest PS3 fanboy" - does that mean he is the oddball, and everyone else is not?

It doesn't matter, by his own admission his site is incapable of producing unbiased results from their findings. These guys should just make their site a TAB on Microsoft.com or something.

Jason's tone and attitude are offensive and distasteful, and he 's not even talking to me, lol. He is a shrewd jerk who possible needs an ass whooping. He seems like one of those guys who hide behind a keyboard to talk tough.

Lens of Lies, the greatest name to ever stick to this site, now and forever. They may as well go with the flow and rename it. They should also permaban that idiot Jason from commenting to anyone ever again under the site's name.

The least Jason could do, if he is going to PRETEND to be a "PROFFESIONAL" (in all CAPS I may add), is learn to spell the word right or use spell check when he is supposed to represent himself and his company/site, while engaging another "professional" in the business. That is like being a Vackume salesman who can't spell Vacuum.
#25 (Edited 1738d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Thoreau  +   1737d ago
lens of lies

nothing new here. same old nonsense
slugg  +   1737d ago
The whole thing is retarded-comparing DEMOS? My god, the full version of ME2 is available on 360, and the PS3 version will be out soon. Do slight frame-rate differences matter? ME2 is an awesome game, especially because of its fresh and compelling story. Anyone whose enjoyment of this game-of-the-year caliber game is hurt by a few screen tears or fram drops is an idiot.
Darth_Bane79  +   1737d ago
That's Lens of Fail for ya! They would do that crap all the time. And people say they are not biased.. sure they re not! LOL
Welshy  +   1737d ago
i f*cking HATE lens of fail...

thank christ everyone finally knows their true colours.

"oh noez, teh port of "Obscure Multplatform Game 3" that noone cares about haz 3 less framez and 3 seconds longer loading screen"

i have no time for their tedious bs, just play the game yourself and draw your own conclusions.
#28 (Edited 1737d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
clarkdef  +   1737d ago
Yes such a waste of energy comparing these little things. Once you start getting into a game, it starts to pull you along for the ride and you forget about miniscule things.
Welshy  +   1737d ago
if a frame here and jagged edge there is the end of the world to lense of fail, then i cant imagine them making an article on Minecraft.

graphics aint evrything, Minecraft looks like a NES game but probably the most fun original game ive played... well... ever tbh.
dkgshiz  +   1737d ago
Is a garbage site. It should just be blacklisted from N4G. Along with attackofthefanboy.com. Remember that Fallout New Vegas review that they did over at aotf.com? It was a fake mocked up review that took them 20 minutes to make.
s0ph1atr0n  +   1737d ago
We really didn't need this article to know that Lens of Truth is a joke and blatantly screws up the PS3 images and stats to make 360 look better...but thanks for doing it anyway.

LoT's owner is hilariously dumb, and it's great seeing a grown man act like a baby. =]
MariaHelFutura  +   1737d ago
He`s a "Man Child"
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