"Red Ring of Death" T-Shirt

"If you're not careful, your 360 may jettison you out an air-lock. The red ring of death is just the first sign that something has gone terribly wrong and not only will you not be playing any games, your 360 may rebel and simply kill you." Available from SplitReason; reported by Joystiq.

The T-shirt says "I'm afraid that I can't let you play that, Dave" -- in reference to the malfunction HAL from Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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Syko3904d ago

I'm not gonna lie, that shirt kicks a lot of ass. And I might have to get it. Especially since all my friends had to hear me cry and scream after my bout with the RRoD recently.

Cat3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

i'm just too label conscious. does chanel have this in their fall line??

Edit: i'm not sure any gamer can be decribed as "low-maintenance"! :) $60 for new shoes, or a new game....either way, the money's gone!

Syko3904d ago

Wow, I feel cheated. This whole time I thought you were one of the cool "Low maintenance" girls. Turns out you must be a Friday paycheck snatcher. My condolences to your husband. =P

RadientFlux3904d ago

amusing... but I do think "I'm afraid I can't let you play that, Dave" is a tad corny. Yes I know it's 2001 reference but still I would rather have the tv shirt without that message.

Marceles3904d ago

yeah i agree with that quote being corny. it's a classic quote and all but not everyone has seen that movie...most other people would just read it and think "...huh? who's dave? why dave?". But that is a cool shirt, there's nothing like black and red...*thinks of my elite getting RRoD* :((

cloud3603904d ago


r10003904d ago

Really how so....

like saying anti smoking ads are promoting people to smoke more??

"Here buy this product, it may malfunction on you", yea I fail to see the smart marketing behind that??

Ignorant Fanboy3904d ago

But just a shirt with the rings would be cool too, only gamers would know what it meant, I like that kind of style.

Crazyglues3904d ago

yeah I like your idea too, that would be priceless...

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The story is too old to be commented.