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Submitted by nekon 3076d ago | news

HOME Beta Updated: HOME Square, Backgammon, Chess, and DivX?

They got a care package from a member who is a HOME beta tester. Enjoy!

"It seems the HOME beta has been updated and ready for download by current testers. With this update the HOME Square that was shown at E3 has finally been made available to testers. From what I understand many changes have been made to the HOME beta and they're very well received by beta participants. One of the changes I was informed of is that they've broken locations down to optional downloads. For example if you didn't desire to visit the theater you didn't have to download it. It make for a much smaller core download and allows users to define their own experiences. Anyhow less talk and more screenshots, enjoy!" (Home, PS3)

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Sashy  +   3076d ago
Omg omg omg ! :D
P4KY B  +   3076d ago
Divx is great news
mighty_douche  +   3076d ago
PS3 has divx support now?
does this mean i can burn divx movies off my pc onto a dvd and watch them on the ps3? i hope so! AVI would be nice to!
bigmack  +   3076d ago
Home is lookin better then-ever!!
Swe_Goliath  +   3076d ago
omg,, this looks INSANE ... i tell you INSANE!!!!
omg,, look at the square, with the sliding doors, the elevator, the hotel with all the balcony , the chess tables...

I can nearly feel the sun on my face when i having a barbecue on the balcony to my ome with my friends, and after that we go down and play some chess and wait for some other friends, ,, o look down there is my friend **** lets go and watch a trailer with him.

Well here my *** friend come,, lets start up some R6V ,,
- Man i cant, promised to have a BQ to my friends later tonight ,,come over if ya want, i can invite ya, and you can come if ya want :)

I am sorry mate, i am going to the 18+ tonight with some other friends and play some Texas Holdem,,,

OMG OMG ,,, sony is doing this grait, i think this thing will blow the roof of...
Amsterdaam  +   3076d ago
You know what would really be awesome? Actually going outside, having a barbecue, and actually eating food that you actually made! Then, you can pull out a chess board and actually play some chess!

These kind of things make me feel bad for the people using them. Virtual communities do nothing but seperate people from their actual communities. Game systems are for playing games, then you go out and actually do something!
THE_JUDGE  +   3076d ago
hopefully with this update they will start rolling out the public beta and announce a date at TGS.
Bebop  +   3076d ago
Way to go Sony !

This will Definitely help to reel in plenty from the internet communitys.
Swe_Goliath  +   3076d ago
I mean...
This is nott youst a name over a pic like the ( I have a 360 to ) one on xbox 360... where you see a pic and a nme,,, ok ,, cool,, but what more?
yes, you can socialze and things on 360 ,, but the phsysics of a human beeing is that , if you can se it , its more fun, and THAT is what sony is going 4 ,, if you can se it you can tutch it, and if you can tutch it you can talk with it, and if you can talk,, and so on,....

This is nott an ordernary market space,,, bla bla bla..
This THING or what to call it,, i dont think we can call it home,, its to big.

This thing is the next gate way to a HUGE community service..
In the future if this goes well 4 sony,,, think of this maby as a BETA to a 3d world later on....

Where yo sitt with your glases in your home and talk and see everything in 3d.. :)

THis is gona be huge,,, and i am talking HUGE.
I don`t even thing Sony realise how huge this is gona be .
Meus Renaissance  +   3076d ago
Porn Lovers
BREAKING NEWS: With the news of HOME supporting DivX, people are seen to be downloading GB's worth of videos to stream and share with the rest of PlayStation world.

One guy was available for comment "Omfg, this is gonna be like the biggest orgy ever man! I can't wait for the EyeToy cam, this is gonna be so sweet!"

His mother was not available for comment regarding her 13 year old's sons comments.
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LeShin  +   3076d ago
snittolo  +   3076d ago
hahaha bubbles for you sir.
Chriswsm  +   3076d ago
The screenies are certainly impressive.

All we need now is a concrete release date.
gamesR4fun  +   3076d ago
stoked o ya
cant wait this looks great even the wifes stoked. If it rolls out b4 xmas Ill def give her some credit on the site just to see what kinda cool stuff we can get. If its cheep enough I'm buying a mansion and your all invited for a bbq.

edit still looks like october is the official date for MA release.
*MA = NA lol
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Zhuk  +   3076d ago
this is shaping up to be pretty good, looking forward to trying it out
Swe_Goliath  +   3076d ago
Can i come? hahah
Naawww just kidding, but i see what you mean man :) ...
My friend just got WHAT A **** IS THAT!!! THATS AWESOME!!!!!
WHen he saw this right now ...

ANd THAT guy is a man with MANY ideas... here are some he said..

A REAL theater where you can sit and watch REAL movies,
( you by them from the MP and then you download it to your Hd.
Its like to by a ticket to a move that starts on the evening,
And that is how long time it take s 2 download it..

A pool so the ladys all over the ps3 network can lay in the sunshairs and take a cool out why they talk and having a grait time.
(( you cant swim in the pool, just a cool thing to have in the Home)

You can WORK in home 4 fun , and if you BY credits you can get a satrefication 4 like say,,, dealer at casino? , butler 4 the pool?
Guide 4 the new ones, and so on..

Bigger worlds later on, a bech? , a boat that you can go on every time it comes to shore. ( like a real boat trip )
Clubs, bars.

YOu feeling me?
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VaeVictus  +   3076d ago
Just release it already.
mighty_douche  +   3076d ago
they should just bring it out and iron out the problems as we go, problem is in this day and age, people are so fickle and if they release it while still a bit buggy it will get low reviews and the xbox trolls will jump all over it and simply try and use it as another why to bash sony, even tho there the ones trying to push social networking and online play forward for all of us not just the playstation.
Darkiewonder  +   3076d ago
So it's up?
OMFG! Let me go download the update! yay!

DIVX Suppport? Screw everything! I'm heading HOME!

EDIT: ahhhh, there is an update! Let me get my tissue ready! ;D
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Nameless  +   3076d ago
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Greysturm  +   3076d ago
Well guys if Divx is true...
Then Sony just won the best media center until microsoft catches up. Cant wait hope all the rumors are true and this is gonna be released during TGS.
razer  +   3076d ago
I find it funny that 2 weeks ago MS announces DiVX support in the fall update and now suddenly Sony is supporting it..

A day late a dollar short, but still nice to have.
Greysturm  +   3076d ago
oh cool...
Didnt hear of that guess it didnt hit mainstream, sorry i didnt know well then we are still at the same point then.
Premonition  +   3076d ago
Home is really shaping up great, I mean this thing will be big and even bigger as the PS3 goes on, and I really dont see how even the most mental problemed people can hate on this, this is just wow, cant really explain it. Less then a month away from release hopefully. Cant wait.
HondaSIRowner  +   3076d ago
Just imagine, coming home from a hard day of work or college, you finish your homework, eat dinner with your family and then watch some tv like the new season of prison break or Smallville. Then after that you go in your room login to PS network and go into HOME. This is like an online lounge, if they make a feature where you can put your own music tracks in, then that would be even more awesome. Since I own an SIR then imagine if there would be some Civic club members on HOME. I could make my HOME space into a Honda club space. I cant wait.
masterg  +   3076d ago
If the PS3 gets DivX and Xvid support plus the upcoming PlayTV I don't feel I need a media center anymore. Would be extremely awesome if they allowed users to record TV in DivX format. Talk about a lot of hours of TV on the hard drive.

If true Sony freaking Rocks. Looks like the ultimate Media Monster they promised is really happening.
DJ  +   3076d ago
That, coupled with choosing which lobbies I want to download, really cuts down on the number of complaints I’ve had with PS3. That means I don’t have to convert all of my movies! SWEEEET
tfur  +   3076d ago
worth checking out...
If you are on the beta go take a look. It asks for an update on running home, and its starting to have people roll in...

The HOME square looks good, the foliage is really looking good.

The Gamespace is much improved...

Go have fun...
The Wood  +   3076d ago
as mentioned above
add avi support and im spent. all my anime will be on my tv without having to burn a thing
Bleucrunch  +   3076d ago
I want in.
I want to be a home beta tester Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease SONY Please!!!!!!!! Home looks insane and I cant wait for it to be ready it is going to revolutionize online community ooooooh man ooooooh man!

PSN: Streeks1984!
PimpHandHappy  +   3076d ago
i look 4ward to a good game of chess
Marceles  +   3076d ago
Did anyone read the comments after the screenshots? lol..
haters I swear...they look at the pictures with excitement i bet and then the hate comes...

"It doesn't matter if you took the pictures or not. You are posting them in public, and that alone should get you banned from the beta trial, IF you are a trialist."

"I really hope you didn't join these forums just to make that post.. I was given the links in an IRC chat. Neither Console-Exploits or myself are hosting these pictures. Neither Console-Exploits or myself took these pictures. We're reporting the news here just like anyone else. I'm surprised they weren't posted somewhere else first as I saw them hours before I posted it as I've had a very long morning. I included the warning at the bottom as I personally don't condone people violating the NDA. I've been in a number of betas and GAP for over 4 years and never once violated an NDA."

SimmoUK  +   3076d ago
looks really cool, nicely designed and fresh looking, can't wait to see what else is implemented as well but the square and games room looks sweet...
MikeGdaGod  +   3076d ago
downloading right now as i type this.........i'll let you guys know everything later.

right now, time to go get HS!!!!!!!
LeShin  +   3076d ago
zonetrooper5  +   3076d ago
If Sony does release an updated enabling DivX then MS will have to do it, they should of done it ages ago.
jackdoe  +   3076d ago
That's the beauty of competition. Improving the lives of PS3 and 360 owners by forcing each company to improve their platform.
tehcellownu  +   3076d ago
awesome i want HOME now SOny!!
Devilbringer  +   3076d ago
if someoen know how to joion the beta ^^ pls respond or mail me or something PLS :D:D:D:D: love you guys <3 <3 .. please again Home looks sp cool want it so muchh Weeeee
jax07  +   3076d ago
There is no other place on the web that you can find comments as funny as the one you bastards make. This stuff is classic. Meus Intepretations comment was hilarious.
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