Keanu Reeves as Solid Snake?

Christian Bale is "tipped to play Solid Snake" in a forthcoming film version of Metal Gear Solid, according to Nuts, the UK's weekly tits-and-giggles mag. Sound like a good fit? Gamesradar are convinced of his credentials, but who else could challenge Bale's bid to star as the bandana-wearing operative?

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Le-mo3904d ago

I'd take Chirstian Bale

heroman7113903d ago

id take bale over reeves anyday. bale is just a really good actor

JsonHenry3903d ago

The digital Snake has more personality that Keano Reeves!

InMyOpinion3904d ago

Keanu Reeves is up there among some of the best Ben Affleck.

Bill Gates3904d ago

In my opinion the best actor to play Snake would have to be TheMART since he dreams about having this game going to the 3FixMe so badly.

I really think he would get really into the character, and really make Snake shine, just like he makes M$'s shaft shine so much. Of coarse making M$'s shaft shine this much can only be accomplished with the help of all the other XTURDS.....AHAHAHAHAHAHA

Devilbringer3903d ago

Thats the funnyiest comment ive heard in weeks bubbles for you m8 xD

socomnick3903d ago

Why isn't there any moderation in the comments section Bill gates along with , Stella/nasim/larry should have been baned a long time ago. They not only troll but just insult without any intelligent arguments.

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The story is too old to be commented.